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EastEnders relationship may be doomed as Sharon upsets Keanu with sneaky business move


Sharon Watts and Keanu Taylor of EastEnders have had a rocky relationship, and as Sharon works to help her fiance get back on his feet, things are only going to get more difficult for them. Could there be a risk to their relationship?
Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) and Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) have been attempting to navigate their relationship once more ever since Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) returned to Walford.

The EastEnders couple has experienced some rough patches, but they are now engaged and eagerly anticipating planning the big day.

Nevertheless, their individual relationships with Phip Mitchell (Steve McFadden) and the fact that the career criminal is about to reenter their relationship do not help.

Sharon purchases the Arches for Keanu in upcoming episodes of the BBC soap opera, but the latter is unappreciative.

When Phil learns, he worsens the situation for the two. Will they be able to overcome another challenge or do they risk permanently severing ties?

official reveals spoilers Sharon believes that Keanu would gain from Sharon setting him up with the car business, but this causes an argument.

When Phil first learns that Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) plans to sell the Arches to Sharon, he is less than impressed.

Ben, however, is adamant about the deal and won’t budge.

Later, when Phil confronts Sharon about her plans for the Arches, she reveals that she bought them to give Keanu a business, and Phil becomes furious.

Keanu is just as stunned when he finds out what Sharon has done for him. At The Vic, Phil makes Keanu’s discomfort worse with snide remarks, and the latter leaves to get some fresh air.

Soon after, Keanu admits he’s finding it difficult that Sharon is supporting him as he feels it should be him taking care of her. Sharon demands he forgets about his pride and grabs the Arches opportunity with both hands

Despite this, as Phil stirs the pot, she later starts to worry about Keanu’s capacity to manage a business.

She confides in Gillian Taylforth’s Kathy Beale, who counsels her to have faith in her fiance.

When Sharon hires Reiss Clowell (Jonny Freeman) to handle the books so he can concentrate on fixing cars, Keanu becomes irritated.

Regarding The Arches and her hiring of Reiss, Sharon and Keanu are still at odds.

The couple is forced to play host resentfully when Sonia Jackson (Natalie Cassidy) and Reiss invite themselves over for the evening.

Will Phil’s interference cause the couple to break up?


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