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EastEnders spoilers: Devastating moments and goodbyes revealed as Lola dies in tragic week


As we get ready to bid goodbye to Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold), a beloved character on EastEnders, tissues should be ready.

Following the news that her brain tumor did not react to treatment and that palliative chemo was ineffective, the popular character’s health has been rapidly deteriorating in recent episodes.

As Lola’s passing draws closer, her friends and family assemble to say farewell. However, some people struggle with the awful reality of what is happening and look for alternative means of coping.

Will everybody get to spend quality time with Lola?

Jay requests assistance from a nurse.

When it becomes apparent that Lola is in her final days of life, Jay (Jamie Borthwick) realizes he needs help and phones nurse Suzanne. Suzanne alerts Jay that they are getting close to the end when Lola experiences another seizure.

According to the actress Danielle Harold, Lola is aware of what is occurring and is aware that she doesn’t have much time left.

‘During her palliative care, Lola obviously feels her decline fairly swiftly. She is aware that her time is running out because her symptoms are growing worse, she is forgetful more often, and she is having more seizures.

Billy battles and is taken into custody.

When Billy (Perry Fenwick) learns that his cherished granddaughter is in her final hours, he panics and rushes Lexi (Isabella Brown), Will (Freddie Phillips), and Janet out of the house to keep them safe.

He turns to alcohol as a coping mechanism and has a run-in with Nish (Navin Chowdhry), who purposefully riles him up. Billy destroys the Minute Mart’s window out of wrath and despair, and Martin (James Bye), Honey (Emma Barton), and Phil (Steve McFadden) had to stop him. Billy accidently punches Jack (Scott Maslen) as he arrives to try to calm things down. Billy is then taken into custody.

Ben travels to America in search of Lola’s future.

Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden), who has traveled to America to look for a cure that might save Lola and is still unwilling to accept that there is nothing that can be done, is noticeably absent as Lola’s loved ones get ready to say their final goodbyes to her. Even worse, he hasn’t communicated and no one is certain of his whereabouts, which has left Billy and Jay incensed and Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) and Callum (Tony Clay) worried.

Callum is tasked by Kathy with finding his husband using his sleuthing prowess. Can he locate Ben in time?

Kim and Denise prepare a special act to uplift Lola as she nears death.

Kim (Tameka Empson), who was injured in a car accident, is determined to visit Lola despite becoming increasingly anxious about it. She visits Denise (Diane Parish), a good friend and former coworker, in an effort to cheer her up.

They stage an emotional special greeting for Lola in the Square so that she knows that all of her friends and neighbors are thinking of her.

Denise and Kim visit Lola because she is obviously quite ill right now. They do so in an effort to help her feel better, as well as to chat with her and pamper her. Added Danielle Harold.

They simply gather at her bedside to say their goodbyes and be with her.

Nish has control over Billy’s destiny.

Jack argues that Billy’s release is only possible if Nish agrees to retract his statement as a witness and drop the charges against Billy for shattering the window, despite Honey and Phil’s desperate attempts to free Billy so he can say his farewell to his granddaughter. Can Phil and Honey persuade Nish to agree?

Family members of Lola gather to bid her farewell.

Lola grows increasingly mute as the death draws near. Jay struggles with his feelings while attempting to be strong for her. In their visit to Lola’s bedroom, Kathy and Callum agree to watch over Lexi.

Will Lexi be able to say goodbye to her mother on her own? And when will her father Ben return to Albert Square?

Friends and family assemble at the Vic

As word of Lola’s passing spreads around Albert Square, Linda (Kellie Bright) invites Callum, Jack, Rocky (Brian Conley), Whitney (Shona McGarty), Denise, and other people to a lock-in at the Queen Vic, where they offer one another support and discuss Lola’s life and the sorrow of her passing at such a young age.


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