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EastEnders spoilers: George helps Lexi forgive Ben as he returns after missing Lola’s final moments


When Lola (Danielle Harold) died on EastEnders, Lexi Pearce (Isabella Brown) was devastated. However, an unlikely neighbor helped her to forgive dad Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden).

Ben was horrified to see Lola’s body being taken from the house when he got home from his trip to the United States, where he was trying to enroll her in a drug trial.

Devastated Later, Ben went to apologize to Lexi for not being there for her when she needed him the most.

Lexi’s first day of secondary school was coming up, and Ben tried to buy Lola some more time so that she could be there, but she cut him off by saying that even she knew it wouldn’t work.

Lexi was distraught and left the house while irately pointing out that Ben wasn’t even there to bid her farewell.

When Lexi went missing, a distraught Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) attacked Ben, accusing him of being responsible for her disappearance.

Ben entered the café to see if anyone had seen his daughter because he was determined to find her.

Ben yelled at Bernie Taylor (Clair Norris) when she mentioned that she had seen her, which prompted newcomer George Knight (Colin Salmon) to intervene and defend her.

Bernie thanked George for getting involved and gave a description of Ben’s situation.

In an act of solidarity, George revealed to Ben how he was raising his daughters without their mother present and how his eldest, Gina (Francesca Henry), would frequently flee the house.

He explained how, over the years, he had come to understand that this was the time when she most needed his love, encouragement, and a hug.

At that point, Lexi wandered into the café. When it became clear that she didn’t want to speak to Ben, George intervened to win her over.

She was fortunate to have a father who cared so much about her, George remarked.

Ben promised that he was here now and would never let her down again and once more expressed regret for not being there for her when Lola died.

Ben thanked George heartily as Lexi ran over for a hug, suggesting that she was ready to forget this time.

Can Ben keep his promise?


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