Tuesday, October 3, 2023

EastEnders spoilers: Iconic actress returns as troublesome character exposes a secret


Rocky’s (Brian Conley) ex-wife Jo Cotton (Vicki Michelle) will return to EastEnders soon to complete the divorce process, but she won’t be making things simple.

According to actress Vicki Michelle, “She wants to return and sow some enmity.”

She enjoys watching Rocky wriggle. He feels threatened by her every time he sees her. Jo throws a wrench in the works even though he loves Kathy.

The last thing Kathy needs is Jo returning to stir up more difficulties while she is already under a great deal of stress planning Lola’s (Danielle Harold) funeral.

Rocky wonders why she didn’t just mail the divorce papers when she shows up in Walford with them.

When Jo tells Rocky that Jasper says hello, she really freaks him out as he walks away.

Rocky calls Jo during the week and complains that she can’t hide “his boy from him,” but he is unaware that Bobby (Clay Milner Russell) overheard the entire exchange.

He quickly tells Kathy everything, and she immediately approaches Rocky, seeking clarification.

As a fight breaks out, Jo stops by and, in an effort to inflame things even more, informs his ex that if he wants to see Jasper, he must go to the pub and beg.

Rocky makes a few phone calls before his wedding to Kathy at the end of the week, but what about Jasper?

Is this Rocky’s unborn child?

Or is Jo inventing a nightmare merely to stir up some controversy?


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