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EastEnders spoilers: Murder twist and surprise return to rock Kathy’s wedding


We are completely floored by what EastEnders has in store for Kathy Beale’s (Gillian Taylforth) upcoming wedding to Rocky Cotton (Brian Conley), even though we are aware that a soap opera wedding is never going to be easy sailing.

Fans of the original EastEnders will know how iconic Kathy is, and as executive producer King — sorry, Chris — Clenshaw has hinted, this wedding is going to live up to that status.

Watch out for the cufflinks in this episode as we have Rocky and Kathy’s wedding and an unexpected guest arrive.


That short sentence contains a lot to dissect, so let us take the lead.

Rocky was perplexed by Kathy Beale’s address book, which revealed a wealth of connections; any one of these people could be the ‘unexpected guest’ Chris alludes to.

Given that Kathy has already stated that she wants the entire family present, individuals like Ted Hills and Michelle Fowler are probably going to get invitations to the ceremony.

Cindy would undoubtedly be an unexpected visitor in Kathy’s eyes given that Ian and Cindy Beale (Adam Woodyatt and Michelle Collins) were back on the scene.

On what should be Kathy’s happiest day of her life, Cindy’s appearance would undoubtedly set off fireworks because the two have always harbored an admirable hatred for one another.

However, Kathy was able to rekindle an old friendship at Dot’s funeral when Disa O’Brien (Jan Graveson) visited Walford to pay her respects.

When Disa was working, Kathy had assisted her in telling her mother about the abuse she had endured at the hands of her step-dad.

If Disa and Kathy stayed in touch after their unexpected encounter, could Disa be planning a second trip to the South to attend Kathy’s wedding?

Could Kathy’s friend Rachel Kominski make a startling comeback while we’re talking about iconic EastEnders characters?

Working together in the café, Kathy and Rachel grew closer after Rachel assisted Kathy in confronting rapist Wilmott-Brown when he returned to the Square after serving his prison term in 1992.

The mystery guest could be so many different people, and under Clenshaw’s rule, anything seems plausible.

Now let’s get back to the issue with the cufflinks.

We’re afraid you just aren’t as invested in this story as we are if the mere mention of that accessory doesn’t send chills down your spine.

(What do you mean, no murder-related clue wall?)

If you’re not up to speed, EastEnders previously hinted at a murder on Christmas Day in a flashforward scene that left us all gasping for air.

As Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) pronounces the victim dead, viewers will be aware that the only hint to the identity of the body on the Queen Vic floor is a pair of ostentatious cufflinks worn by the victim.

The revelation that they will show up at Kathy’s wedding is significant because it may finally give us some insight into the identity of the victim.

At this point, it is unknown how many sets of cufflinks will show up despite EastEnders having hinted that there are four sets altogether.

Will all four cufflinks suddenly appear and change hands until that fateful Christmas day, or will we be introduced to our first potential target first?

We’re confident that things will gradually come together because Kathy was at the center of both the murder on Christmas and the action on her wedding day.

But we still want to know who that mysterious visitor is.


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