Tuesday, October 3, 2023

EastEnders spoilers: Serious danger for killer Bobby as Cindy Beale returns from the dead for revenge


EastEnders viewers aren’t spending any time in attempting to figure out why, not to mention how, the former character is supposed to come back from the grave while the news of Cindy Beale’s comeback is still recent.

As longtime viewers will remember, Cindy (Michelle Collins) was memorably killed off, albeit off-screen, while in jail for attempting to murder her husband and twins’ father Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt).

It’s been almost three decades since she last appeared on our screens, so it’s unclear why the show’s creators decided to have her make a comeback, let alone bring her back from the dead.

The former bartender has suffered a number of losses since her last appearance on the show, including the terrible deaths of her daughter Lucy (Hetti Bywater) and son Steven (Aaron Sidwell), who was the result of a one-night affair with Simon “Wicksy” Wicks (Nick Berry).

The culprit, of course, was none other than Bobby Beale – Lucy’s younger brother and daughter of Ian’s third wife Laura. Jane (Laurie Brett), who looked after Bobby like he was her own son, desperately tried to cover up his crime, with Ian subsequently assisting her when the truth was revealed to him. Bobby, however, was later exposed as his sister’s killer and was sent to prison, before returning to the Square a changed man, having learned from his past and striving to be a better person, with him having done everything in his power to try and make up for what he did.

Despite the fact that Lucy’s twin and third child, Peter, has so far escaped the soap scythe of death, he no longer resides in the Square after leaving for a new life last year. Meanwhile, her other daughter, named after her, is a resident of Germany.

Given that two of her children are deceased and the rest are not local, Cindy currently has very little motivation to return to the Square.

However, as Bobby has built a life for himself after committing the murder of her daughter, may Cindy’s motivation for coming back, essentially from the dead, be to exact revenge on her daughter?

Could Bobby’s past error come back to haunt him again?

As far as we know, Cindy is dating Ian, who is also scheduled to make a comeback as part of her comeback narrative.

The two have developed a good friendship over the years, despite the fact that their relationship was rather tumultuous before Ian left, despite Ian’s initial struggles to come to terms with Bobby’s conduct.

Will the legendary soap actor be able to make amends and stop Cindy from pursuing Bobby after her return?

History has shown us that Cindy is capable of harboring resentments just as well as anyone else, so we anticipate there will be a showdown of some kind when she makes her triumphant comeback!


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