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EastEnders star explains real reason Ryan Malloy has returned to Albert Square


Ryan Malloy of EastEnders hasn’t been to the Square since 2016, and a lot has altered since then. Although the soap opera has announced the character’s return, what will he think of recent events?

When Ryan (played by Neil McDermott) returns to EastEnders, it’s safe to assume he’ll have some thoughts about Lily Slater (Lillia Turner), his 12-year-old daughter, becoming pregnant. Ryan has “an agenda of his own,” according to actor Neil, who discussed Ryan’s return to the BBC soap opera and his true motivations. What might he be doing?

Seven years ago, Ryan was last seen beaming as he witnessed his sister Whitney Dean’s (Shona McGarty) wedding.

His name has come up frequently lately as Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) has attempted to process the information regarding her daughter, Lily.

She had been promising Whitney that she will get in touch with Ryan to let him know, as Whitney has been pressuring her to do.

Neil gave a sneak preview of what was to come by saying, “Ryan comes back with a bit of an agenda of his own.”

The actor kept going: “He hasn’t been around for a while, so Stacey and the other members of the Square won’t likely agree with him on what he believes should be the appropriate course of action.

“He hasn’t been there, so why should he have any standing to speak? which I comprehend.

“Ryan, though, believes that a significant event has occurred and he tries to be of some assistance.

“We discover that he is financially secure and that he is doing well for himself.

He is deliberately attempting to infiltrate Lily’s life in order to do so, but it depends on whether Lily, Stacey, and the rest of the family want him there.

Ryan hasn’t been a significant part of his daughter’s life, and since her stepdad Martin Fowler (James Bye) acts as a father figure for her, it’s likely that Stacey would want Ryan to stay away.

It’s probable that Ryan will try to entice Lily away from Walford to live with him because he is determined to mend his relationship with her and has made it apparent that his financial support could be helpful.

Could he convince his daughter to leave everything behind and live with him in exchange for taking care of things financially?

Since her peers learned about the issue, Lily has endured bullying at school and may be eager for a fresh start with her father.

Will Stacey, though, let Ryan get so involved after being away for so long?

Neil made sure not to reveal too much when asked if Ryan and Stacey might finally begin co-parenting.

Well, not yet, I suppose. He remarked. Who knows what Ryan and Stacey’s futures will bring?

The soap actor continued: “If there is ever a longer period when they can both be on the Square at the same time, we’ll have to see if we can somehow make it happen.

“According to what I understand, Ryan really does want to be a good father to Lily, and he believes that Stacey has requested him to remain away, which is why he isn’t there right now.

He has respected her decision, but he feels compelled to return in order to see how he might better integrate himself into Lily’s life in light of the news of her pregnancy.


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