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EastEnders star hints ‘darker side’ of Eve Unwin could be explored after sister bombshell


EastEnders fans have witnessed Eve Unwin struggle to cope after meeting the woman responsible for her twin sister’s death.
EastEnders actress Heather Peace has hinted there’s a darker side to Eve Unwin viewers are yet to see.

Recently, fans of the BBC soap watched in shock as her date Caz (played by Bryony Afferson) admitted she was the person who had killed her twin sister Erica 30 years ago.

As it was clear Caz was ridden with guilt, Eve sat down with her to try and get some sort of closure, although things took a turn when she confessed to being drunk at the time she killed her sister.

Not aware this was the case, Eve lost her temper and erupted with rage at Caz as she was escorted out of Walford East.

With emotions still high, Eve smashed the kitchen in anger which resulted in Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) kicking her out.

However, Eve’s temper has gotten the better of her in the past, as the former solicitor was sentenced to three years in prison for assaulting a man

Speaking about fans seeing her in a different light, actress Heather Peace told Digital Spy: “It was interesting for me to go back to explore that darker side of Eve.

“It’s the reason why her entire world collapsed, and there’s a lot more in her backstory that we could look at.”

Although it looks as though things are set to get worse for Eve after her ex-lover Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) finds her sleeping on a bench after a night of drinking.

Explaining the revelation about her sister, Suki accompanies Eve to the police station where she gives new information on her sister’s case.

However, it doesn’t go as planned as she’s told that as Caz has served her time, the case is now closed.

Furious that no more justice for her sister will be served, she heads to the pub to drink her troubles away.

Worried for Eve’s well-being, Suki decides to enlist the help of Stacey to try and get Eve back on track.

Heather added: “It’s great to see Suki and Stacey band together to rescue Eve, and it’s a nice dynamic between them. I love both of those relationships.

“They are so precious on two completely different levels. These are the two loves of her life – one being platonic and the other the romantic love of her life.”

Will Suki and Stacey be able to help Eve from going down a dark path? Or will fans see a different side to her?


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