Sunday, September 24, 2023

EastEnders star wants Phillip Schofield to quit British Soap Awards after This Morning exit


For both soap actors and fans, the British Soap Awards are the greatest event of the year. However, this year, questions have been raised about Phillip Schofield’s ability to present.

Phil just announced his resignation as presenter of This Morning in a statement that he concluded by pledging to attend the renowned awards ceremony in June.

Fans and celebrities alike have expressed alarm over this, and one former soap actress has given her opinion on the subject on GB News.

The prospect of Phil hosting the British Soap Awards disturbs Debbie Arnold, who has been in all five of the programmes honored at the ceremony but is perhaps best known for her EastEnders character April Branning.

When asked how she felt about the choice of presenter, she responded, “It’s not tainted Phillip Schofield as much as the fact that it will all be about him and not about these other poor actors who spent years trying to get these awards.”

“Everyone will just be looking at Phillip; they won’t even be looking at them,” said the speaker.

The actress Debbie responded when asked what she thought the actors competing for awards might think, “I don’t think they’ll be upset, he hasn’t done anything to harm any actors…but they will definitely want the evening to be about them and surely if he hosts it it will all be about him.”

This comes after a source claimed that ITV, the broadcaster, was worried about criticism because Phil was hosting the awards presentation.

Celebrities and a paying audience are present at this important Saturday night event in the theater. It will take place pretty shortly.

What if viewers reject Phil and Holly as heroes?

‘It’s a high-risk return for Phil and his presence could dominate the occasion,’ the insider stated to The i.

Since 2006, Phillip has hosted the British Soap Awards, succeeding Fern Britton.

Phil announced his resignation from his position as host of This Morning last week after 20 years in the position.

‘I have always taken great pride in reporting on intriguing stories for This Morning. However, This Morning has recently turned into the tale.

“I have always tried my best to be honorable and kind during my career in television, especially the extremely trying last few days.

ITV has determined that the current scenario cannot continue, and I want to do everything I can to safeguard the program I like.

Therefore, in the hopes that This Morning will have a successful future, I have decided to leave the show with immediate effect.

I want to thank everyone for their support, especially the wonderful fans of This Morning. I’ll see you all at the Soap Awards next month.

In addition, Phil co-hosts ITV’s Dancing on Ice with Holly Willoughby, who decided to stay on This Morning despite Phil’s departure. ITV has stated that they will announce if Phil will return to host the skating competition in ‘due course’.


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