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EastEnders wedding at risk as Rocky’s past comes back to haunt him


Tom “Rocky” Cotton from EastEnders has been a bit of a mystery since he moved to the Square, and even though he no longer goes by a different name, he still seems to be hiding many mysteries from his past.

Fans of EastEnders will recall that Jo Cotton, Rocky’s (Brian Conley) wife, showed up on the Square a few months back.

Rocky insisted he had no more interest in her while assuring her that they were still wed.

Although the incident led to a heated argument between Rocky and his fiance Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth), the two soon made up and have been eager to wed.

Jo’s return in later episodes will, however, provide additional information about Rocky’s history.

He seemed to have been keeping even more secrets from Kathy than she first believed.

In yet-to-air scenes from the BBC soap opera, Rocky is eager to relieve Kathy of her worry by organising Lola Pearce’s (Danielle Harold) wake, but his day is derailed when Jo shows up bearing their divorce papers.

Rocky tries his hardest to prevent Jo from seeing Kathy.

When they meet up again, Rocky questions why he didn’t receive his paperwork via mail. However, as Rocky is about to depart, Jo startles him by saying, “Jasper says hello.”

Rocky makes a covert call to Jo later and demands to talk about “his boy.”

When Rocky (Clay Milner Russell) tells Jo that she can’t hide “his boy from him” when they are on the phone, Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) is appalled.

He tells Kathy right away, and she dashes to confront Rocky.

Rocky must go to The Vic and beg if he wants to see Jasper, Jo says as she enters the room in the middle of the row.

Kathy makes choices on who she wants to attend her wedding elsewhere.

Rocky enlists Bobby’s assistance as he starts making calls in an effort to obtain Kathy the wedding attendees she desires.

But given that she has exposed yet another lie from Rocky, may Kathy be having second thoughts?

Actress Jo discussed the return of her character and her goals.

She said, “She’s relishing seeing Rocky squirm. She wants to come back and generate some hostility.

He feels threatened by her every time he sees her.

Jo throws a wrench in the works even though he loves Kathy. Jo is obviously gloating because Rocky claims to have divorce papers signed, but does he really? The question is raised there.

“So, is it legal if he marries Kathy? Because he crushed her heart 25 years ago, she is there to really stir things up.

“Well obviously when Jo and Rocky were together they had Jasper, and they both loved him, but I think Rocky really, really loved him,” she continued, referring to Jasper.

“She uses that as a weapon when she tells Rocky that Jasper sends his love because she still has that hanging over him.”


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