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EastEnders ‘work out’ Theo’s ‘creepy’ identity as fans worry for Stacey Slater


Fans of EastEnders have been leery of Theo Hawthorne ever since he first appeared in Walford, and their worries will probably intensify as BBC spoilers indicate the “creepy” character becomes more involved with Stacey Slater.

According to confirmed EastEnders spoilers, Stacey Slater and Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis and Lacey Turner) may experience a romantic development.

The news comes as viewers of the BBC soap opera have started to wonder if Theo is Stacey’s online admirer.

Theo will eventually become closer to Stacey after helping the Slaters once more.

The worried mother decides to give him a chance and accepts his invitation to go on a date.

The encounter with Theo at Walford East is awkward because Stacey doesn’t feel a connection with the enigmatic teacher.

Stacey is horrified when Eve Unwin (Heather Peace), thinking she had a great time on the date, asks Theo to be her plus one at Kathy Beale’s (Gillian Taylforth) wedding.

After admitting she didn’t enjoy the date, she tries to revoke Theo’s invitation, but awkwardly it appears he was pleased with how things went.

Are fans right to be worried now that Theo believes he has a chance of developing a romantic relationship with Stacey?

Fans have continued to speculate about Theo’s motivations and everyone seems to agree that something is off about him.

What’s the deal with the creepy teacher, Theo? tweeted @LauraLouMay83. #Eastenders.”

“God creepy Theo #EastEnders,” wrote @mlawelshgirl, and “Theo becoming a supply teacher at Lily’s school is beyond creepy #eastenders,” concurred @DavidMackayy.

Lou Reid predicted on Twitter: “OK, I may be upset, but is Theo Stacey’s client? #Eastenders.”

This was echoed by @paigeskirby, who tweeted: “Theo has got to be the one on Stacey’s only fans #eastenders.”

Stacey signed up for a Secret Cam website months ago in an effort to earn some extra money for her family, and since then, she has gained a devoted anonymous fan.

Theo may be Stacey’s hidden admirer, according to viewers who continue to call the character “creepy,” and his eagerness to date her may support this theory.

Since Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) tracked him down to confront him for humiliating him while he was a student in his class, Theo has developed into a somewhat recurring character.

When Theo started giving Lily Slater (Lilia Turner) expensive gifts and urged her to keep the truth from Stacey after she objected, things started to get a little weirder.

Could Theo’s status as Stacey’s admirer, as predicted by fans, be confirmed?


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