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Emmerdale betrayal as Bear Wolf makes a move on Mandy Dingle


Mandy Dingle from Emmerdale has been spending a lot of time with Bear Wolf lately, but sadly, Bear has misunderstood some of Mandy’s witty comments.
Fans of the Emmerdale soap opera have been anticipating a possible reconciliation between Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) and Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley).

Since Paddy and Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) went through their difficult divorce last year, it has seemed possible that Mandy and Paddy might reconcile.

The ex-couple has spent a lot of time together, with Mandy standing by Paddy as he dealt with his grief.

Mandy has, however, also spent a lot of time with Bear Wolf (Joshua Richards), Paddy’s father.

Future scenes on the ITV soap will feature an awkward interaction between the two due to Bear’s misunderstandings.

In yet-to-air scenes, Paddy gets ready to leave for his fishing vacation and finds it amusing to see Bear grooming his beard.

He is unaware that his father harbors feelings for Mandy in secret.

Later, Bear misinterprets a conversation with his son and believes he has been given permission to approach Mandy.

After receiving his treatment, Bear is smiling and inviting Mandy to lunch at the salon.

Mandy is shocked when a hopeful Bear approaches her for a kiss during lunch.

She rushes off, her emotions all over the place, leaving Bear reeling and ashamed of how things went so wrong.

Later, Mandy confides in Bear about her feelings for Paddy, and she is inspired by his advice to come clean and tell the man about her feelings.

Later, a tense Mandy shows up at Tenant’s to tell Paddy how she feels.

What will he do? He might at first be overjoyed by the information.

Paddy is soon shocked to discover that Bear kissed Mandy.

Could Bear’s error put an end to the two of them getting back together?

Fans may wish for the two to reunite in happiness, but Paddy may be furious to learn about Bear.

Paddy has already been through a difficult time lately and has needed his loved ones around him.

Could this latest blow lead to further heartache and confusion for Paddy?


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