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Emmerdale clash as Nicola King’s disowned by family after Angel’s confession


It’s safe to say that Nicola King is not coping well with the fallout from her car accident with Moira Barton. Angel King was hospitalized following the collision, and the mother is desperate for justice, but it seems that Nicola was to blame.

On Thursday’s episode of Emmerdale, Nicola King (played by Nicola Wheeler) collided with Moira Barton’s (Natalie J Robb) Land Rover.

The two women were unharmed, but Nicola’s daughter Angel King (Rebecca Bakes), who was severely injured in the collision, will require months to recover, according to the doctors.

Nicola’s hatred for Moira has made her blind, and it appears that she will do whatever it takes to make her life miserable.

In upcoming scenes, Nicola will be pleading with Jimmy King (Nick Miles) to take her to see her daughter in the hospital.

When Nicola later visits the clinic, the doctor (Jonny McPherson) informs her that there is no medical evidence to support her claims, sending her on a warpath toward Moira and furious with injustice.

Later, Angel tries to convince her mother that the collision was just an accident, but Nicola is unreadable as she considers her options.

Nicola is still at war with Moira and isn’t going to relent despite Angel’s knowledge of her online rant.

After learning that her son is being bullied because of her responsibility for Angel’s accident, Moira quickly decides she must stop Nicola in her tracks.

Angel assigns responsibility for the mishap to her own mother when Moira arrives at Victoria Cottage and makes threats to take legal action in response to Nicola’s derogatory remarks.

Angel’s outburst completely isolates Nicola from her family as a result. Will Nicola eventually come to her senses and win them back?

Because they believe Moira had the right of way at the time of the collision, fans have been accusing Nicola of causing the accident on Twitter.

“#Emmerdale is winding me up again,” Jay fumed. Despite being able to clearly see that Nicola pulled away from the intersection, the police chose to place the blame on Moira.

“Omg Nicola telling the police Moira was obviously speeding,” wrote Danni. You backed up and failed to notice #Emmerdale’s approach. (sic)

Jamie Summers reported that Nicola retreated without fully turning around. She will, however, play the victim as Moira endures more hell on “Emmerdale.”


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