Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Emmerdale couple torn apart as fans ‘work out’ Moira Barton affair with unlikely villager


Farmer Moira Barton of Emmerdale has struggled lately, especially since Caleb Milligan persuaded her to sell the property.

After seeing her develop a close bond with newbie Tom King (James Chase), Moira Barton (played by Natalie J. Robb) could be involved in a covert relationship, according to Emmerdale viewers.

Last week’s episodes featured moments in which Moira collided with Nicola King, Tom’s aunt (Nicola Wheeler).

After the collision, Nicola’s daughter Angelica King (Rebecca Bakes) was taken to the hospital, and Moira was immediately held accountable by the cafe owner.

To Moira’s apparent surprise, Tom managed to control the situation and put his medical knowledge to the test on the scene.

A distraught Nicola reassured her daughter that “everything is going to be okay” as Moira called for an ambulance.

“Where in the hell is this ambulance?” As Tom’s car drove up, Moira exploded.

Tom jumped to her daughter’s rescue as soon as Nicola discovered she was bleeding.

Adamant, “I didn’t see her pull out and I couldn’t stop the car in time,” Moira said.

The vet said, “We need to keep her warm,” as Nicola yelled, “Don’t we need to stop the bleeding?”

Can we attempt to free her? Before Nicola exploded, Moira advised: “Don’t you dare try to move her. You avoid approaching her.

Moira was questioned by the police about what transpired when Angelica was being taken to the hospital.

The farmer was then required to go to the station and provide a statement; will Nicola attempt to file a complaint?

The stranger also stopped at Moira’s farm, where she was warmly welcomed despite Cain Dingle’s (Jeff Hordley) displeasure at seeing him.

Fans believe that Moira and Tom would start dating after their recent scenes together even if Tom is already dating Cain’s sister Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper).

Georgia Bowring published her theory about Tom and Moira on Twitter as @GeorgiaBowring.

She foresaw: “#Emmerdale Tom and Moira. I’ll make the call.

RT @RyanTheSoapking: “Tom has made a good first impression with Moira.”

Oh, ffs, that’s why the new boy is also defending Moira, @LunaLocoJewels pointed out. (sic)


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