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Emmerdale death fears as Chloe Harris realises there’s ‘something wrong’ with baby Reuben


Chloe Harris, portrayed by Jessie Elland in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale, gave birth to her baby Reuben the day before Charity Dingle’s (Emma Atkins) and Mackenzie Boyd’s (Lawrence Robb) wedding, and she is smitten with him. Currently, Charity is unaware that Mack is Reuben’s father because of their one-night stand.
Chloe has vowed to keep their relationship a secret and intends to take the boy with her to Scotland so she can raise him alone.

The young mother, on the other hand, ends up fearing for her son’s life after his health takes a turn in yet-to-air scenes, according to Emmerdale spoilers.

On the ITV soap, Mack will be hurt when he sees Chloe struggling with baby Reuben and decides to assist her in upcoming scenes.

They are reprimanded by Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill), who caught them together out of concern that they might reveal the strategy.

Choe assures Sarah that it won’t happen again, but Sarah is unconvinced because the tension is still high.

Later, Mack awkwardly asks about Reuben and is moved when Chloe invites him to go for a walk with them.

When Chloe tells Mack she’s taking their son to Scotland, the ramble takes a distressing turn.

Following Chloe’s announcement, Mack begins to cry as he bids farewell to his secret son.

The following day, Reuben develops a fever, and the doctor advises Chloe to take him right away to the hospital because of his symptoms. This causes Chloe to become extremely anxious.

As soon as Chloe learns that Reuben most likely has bacterial meningitis, her entire world falls apart.

Will the anxious father be able to control the urge to visit his son in the hospital?

When the village learns about Reuben’s condition, Mack is left in shock.

The Chloe actress Jessie recently discussed the plot line involving Reuben’s health with

The sleeping is what really starts to worry her, she said. Everyone is trying to reassure her that it’s normal as she tries to get used to the sleeping schedule of a young mother.

“She kind of knows something is a little bit off, but she’s so overwhelmed by the whole motherhood experience that she can’t quite stand her ground because everyone is telling her it’s normal,” Jessie continued.

“So that is the primary sign’s first kind. As time goes on, his temperature becomes the tipping point, and she realizes something more serious is going on.

When Chloe notices Rueben’s temperature, Victoria Sugden and she are present.

Is the infant’s life in danger or will he survive his illness and recover completely?


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