Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Emmerdale double exit ‘sealed’ as viewers fear for Belle Dingle’s health


Following a disagreement, Belle Dingle and Tom King decided to part ways on Wednesday’s episode of Emmerdale. The two are reportedly quitting the ITV serial, according to viewers.

In the most recent Emmerdale episode, Eden Taylor-Draper’s character Belle Dingle made the decision to tell her partner Tom King (James Chase) about once accidentally killing Gemma Andrews (Tendai Rinomhota).

She was devastated when he found it difficult to process the information and abruptly ended the chat.

Despite hopeful that Tom would understand, she began to worry that telling him the truth had destroyed everything they had.

Later, after Jimmy King (Nick Miles) defended the notorious Carl King (Tom Lister), Tom and Jimmy King got into an argument in The Woolpack.

“My mother hates [Carl], and every time I did something wrong, she said I was taking after him,” Tom yelled at his uncle.

“Just admit that your brother was a murderer and a rapist, and we should all be glad he’s dead.”

Tom had decided not to move back to Leeds because he wanted to stay in Emmerdale for Belle when they later ran into each other outside.

Belle thought she was being unfairly compared to Carl when he said that Gemma’s death was “nothing like what Carl did.”

Informing Tom of her decision to end their relationship, Belle said: “I believed we would be excellent together… I’m not interested in changing who I am to please you or making excuses for who I am.

She said, “I think it is best for both of us if we just finish now,” and walked away.

A number of Emmerdale viewers expressed their concerns about Belle and Tom’s departure from the soap opera on Twitter in response to the dissolution of their romance.

Zombie, another user, wrote: “I have a feeling Belle might end up having another breakdown after all this.”

@Ockeghem1497 tweeted: “Think Belle might be having one of her ‘episodes’ again.”

Eli continued, “Belle is so haunted that she hasn’t bothered to bring up Gemma since she was released from prison #emmerdale.”

“Yes Tom, go and vanish in Leeds #emmerdale,” said Lynn.

We’ll be happy to say goodbye to you too, Tom, said Owen. There was no reason for him to return. #Emmerdale.”

“Tom darling,” Carol wrote, “you’d better get going #emmerdale if you want to get away from anyone in that village who’s either killed someone, almost killed someone, or tried to kill someone.”


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