Thursday, September 28, 2023

Emmerdale exit for villager as fans ‘work out’ Bob Hope and Bernice Blackstock lose B&B


Fans of Emmerdale were ecstatic to see Bernice Blackstock and Bob Hope working together to purchase Eric Pollard’s B&B.
When it comes to making plans for their new B&B, Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) and Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) seem to be getting ahead of themselves. Bernice neglected to inform her business partner that she was choosing paint samples for the walls during Tuesday night’s episode of Emmerdale.

Bob explained to Bernice in the most recent installment that they “need to keep costs down” because they had used every last dollar to purchase the B&B.

Fans, however, appear to believe that Bernice poses a threat to the couple’s beloved company.

“How are things going?” Bob responded as Bernice questioned: “I still believe you can clean the carpet, and we agreed to keep the costs low. Try it; it’s worth it.”

Bernice insisted, “And when it doesn’t work, which it won’t, we’ll still have to buy new carpet. If you wish to squander time and money.

“Fine. So, shall I add it to my list? He questioned as Bernice added: “Already completed.

“Not everything needs to be done right away. Rome wasn’t created overnight.”

Bob made a joke after Bernice said she had purchased paint for the B&B, saying, “Yeah, they had slaves.”

She assured him, “Don’t worry, it’s in a shade we’re both going to love and at a competitive price.

“Once you’ve had your coffee, you can pick it up. You may have noticed that I put it in a cup for takeout for you.”

Many fans who commented on the Bob and Bernice storyline on social media believe the new B&B owners will go bankrupt due to their excessive spending.

@Pilch1972 tweeted, “Bernice is going to bankrupt the B&B before the summer…#Emmerdale.” (sic)

“Bernice and Bob were struggling to find money to buy B&B and now they’ve got money for renovating it,” Pamela tweeted.

Where did Bernice even get the money to make any investments, Michelle Jones continued?

Or at least her share of it, Mick retorted.

User @gffcontwitch continued, “Bernice doesn’t know what a budget is.

“Bernice spending a fortune on a B&B with no guests #emmerdale,” Lynn Birt continued. (sic)

As Ryan Glendenning wrote in his tweet, “Bob is definitely going to cheat on Wendy with Bernice. #Emmerdale,” other fans predict Bernice and Bob will start dating.

@Wee Westie29 predicted that they would have an affair with Bob and Bernice in #Emmerdale.

If this is the case, what happens if Bernice feels like she has failed and decides to leave the village? Or, if Bob assigns blame to her, will he drive her away?


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