Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Emmerdale fans left baffled as beloved villager disappears from ITV soap


Fans of Emmerdale were left perplexed by the most recent episode since Ethan Anderson was nowhere to be seen in the hamlet.

As soon as she arrived in Emmerdale, Claudette (Flo Wilson), the mother of Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin), had her son and granddaughter under her thumb.

She has prevented Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) from spending any time alone with Charles ever since she came.

Unsurprisingly, Charles has been patiently waiting for Claudette to stop complaining about how her back discomfort is causing her problems.

Manpreet, on the other hand, thinks Claudette is fabricating her symptoms because in Monday’s episode, she attempted to comfort the discomfort.

Manpreet expressed some concern, but Claudette dismissed it and told Charles she just needed some quiet time.

Fans wondered where Ethan (Emile John) was while Charles and Naomi (Karene Peters) were content to let Claudette unwind and be bossed around.

On Twitter, @aaron_dingles questioned the whereabouts of the cherished villager: “Not that I care cos he’s dull as but what’s happened to Ethan, a bit weird that his Gran has turned up, yet he’s nowhere to be seen #emmerdale.”

Observed by @OrvilleLloyd: “#Emmerdale I am aware of how snobby Ethan is, but where is the character? Ethan was called uninteresting and dumped by Marcus the last time I saw him.

In addition, @Chris1968E said, “#Emmerdale did I miss Ethan leaving cos haven’t seen him for a while.”

Victoria gave Ethan a night out in Hotton to try to help him get over Marcus’ treachery, which had left him distraught.

Nevertheless, despite his grandmother moving into the area, Ethan hasn’t appeared much since then in the ITV soap opera.

Ethan would undoubtedly want to see Claudette if he heard she was visiting, especially if she was suffering.

ITV viewers will be hoping for a quick resolution to Ethan’s absence.


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