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Emmerdale fans ‘predict’ romance for Bernice after snatching The Grange from sister


On Friday’s episode of Emmerdale, Bernice Blackstock and her half-sister Nicola King got into a brawl and Bernice ended up covered in rotten food.
Samantha Giles’ portrayal of Bernice Blackstock on Emmerdale had her grinning ear to ear when she outbid Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) for The Grange. With business partner Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw), the former hairdresser will handle the B&B, although observers have noticed a sexual chemistry between the two.

Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell), who had owned The Grange for many years, had stiff competition from Nicola and Jimmy King (Nick Miles).

Nicola and Bernice got into a fight since the latter thought she owned the company because she paid Eric the asking price.

Before their argument got ugly, Nicola called Bernice “snide” for stealing the B&B from her.
Oh no, you’re not acting so arrogant now that the tables have turned, are you? Bernice threw in.

Remember, this was my dream before you devoured it like the avaricious, corporate builder of misery that you are.

You’ve never accepted responsibility for your acts, therefore it’s always my fault, Nicola retorted.

The women began smearing bad food over each other’s faces after Bernice implied that Nicola had always been envious of her.

After being smeared in expired food, Bernice yelled at her relative, “It’s rancid, you absolute beast.

By the end of the episode, though, Bernice and Bob had acquired ownership of The Grange, giving them the victory.

Bernice and Bob were given the chance because Eric thought it was their “dream,”

He gave them an additional day to secure the money required to match her sister’s offer.

In order to get this champagne, we have sufficiently outbid Nicola’s offer, and Viv, I believe, would have been pleased, Bob said Bernice.

When Bernice revealed Eric had accepted her and Bob’s offer, she shoved it in Nicola’s face.

Although Bernice received tremendous support from Emmerdale viewers, some believe that she and Bob will develop a romance.
“I see a Bernice and Bob affair coming,” Penelope tweeted about Emmerdale.

Ryan revealed: “I hope they don’t start dating Bob and Bernice. They do not get along, Emmerdale.”

“Bob and Bernice are going to get together, aren’t they? #emmerdale,” Conor said.

How soon will Bob and Bernice appear in #Emmerdale, asked @News4Emmerdale?

The Grange being owned and controlled by Bernice and Bob, well, this has disaster written all over it with a lot of humorous situations #Emmerdale, said Yvonne.


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