Sunday, September 24, 2023

Emmerdale fans spot ‘continuity’ blunder following major Jai Sharma twist


On Monday’s episode of Emmerdale, a significant plot twist was revealed, but not all viewers of the ITV soap opera were sold on the idea.

Jai Sharma, portrayed by Chris Bisson in Emmerdale, learned that Rishi Sharma, portrayed by Bhasker Patel, was not really his father after all.

Jai was thrilled to accept Laurel Thomas’ (Charlotte Bellamy’s) proposal in Monday’s episode of the ITV soap opera.

However, Jai discovered some paperwork describing his own adoption while rummaging through some items at Rishi’s home.

He quickly confided in Laurel after being taken aback: “It’s an adoption certificate,” he said, handing the document to his new fiance.

“Mine, as it happens,” he continued. Laurel asked, “What?”

Jai responded, “A notification of when I legally became the son of one Rish Sharma.”

“As in dad – who apparently isn’t… my dad, that is,” he continued.

“Because I’m adopted, my entire life has been a lie.”

Even though the shocking plot twist was undoubtedly unexpected, not all viewers liked it.

Some people immediately claimed the plot contained a “continuity error” on social media.

Sarcastically, Twitter user @memesEmmerdale wrote: “The continuity in this show is so good! #Emmerdale is pathetic nonsense.

“So which birth certificate has he been using all his life?” asked @SundayGirl1972. “I’m pretty sure he would need it for his passport & to get married #emmerdale.”

“These writers are buffoons, so has Jai never had a passport,” raged @AlanCortes. Emmerdale on #ITV.

Why have they now altered Jai’s origin story? He would have required a birth certificate before, so why has he only recently discovered an adoption certificate? “#Emmerdale,” tweeted @TVMusings22.

Jai has been married at least twice since relocating to Emmerdale, but @lolalexi86 also made the following observation: “I’m pretty sure you need your birth/adoption certificate for the meeting to get the marriage license. I know my friend from school did, and that’s how she discovered she was adopted. You’re right; it’s a soap. (sic)

While others were surprised by the story, @DeanSco34342915 added: “I’ll be fair for once fair enough for having a bit of simple creativity didn’t expect that so yeh good on ya.”

Jai has been adopted, as reported by @TwellyWatcher. Despite knowing there would be a twist, I did not anticipate it. Nice twist! What will take place after that? Rishi will undoubtedly face Jai, that much is certain. #Emmerdale.” (sic)


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