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Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Amelia Spencer’s stalker in Noah Dingle twist


On Thursday night, Amelia Spencer received an unsolicited picture from an unknown person, which added to the drama in Emmerdale.

Fans of Emmerdale believe they have identified Amelia Spencer’s (Daisy Campbell) stalker as a result of Thursday night’s episode.

Following the success of her online tutorial videos for skincare and makeup, the young mother has begun earning money.

However, Amelia appeared to receive an unwanted image from an unknown source during the most recent ITV episode.

Katie Hill’s Sarah Sugden entered and greeted her by saying, “Hey influencer, how’s it going? Any new earnings?

“£30 so far,” Amelia said with a dejected expression. “Can you take a look at this message?”

Sarah reacted, “Oh my god, that’s gross, look block, and delete,” as she displayed the message. It’s just a sad little weirdo going about his sad little life, that’s all.

Before Amelia could finish speaking, Noah entered the room and inquired, “Have you heard about Amelia breaking the internet with her new videos?”

Amelia argued, “Not quite, Noah,” as he continued, “It’s great, she’s getting paid and everything is so cool.”

Following the episode, a large number of fans took to Twitter to discuss what they thought would happen next.

Many people appear to believe Noah is Amelia’s stalker, as evidenced by the tweet from @TwellyWatcher: “Creepy bloke? You should know that Noah had a history with Emmerdale. (sic)

Wonder if knicker-sniffer Noah sent Amelia that picture, tweeted @ASuperGav. #Emmerdale.”

In the meantime, MickJohnPNEFC noted: “Sad little weirdo and Noah walks in #emmerdale.”

Amelia is going to be the new Daisy, isn’t she?, tweeted @cumiskey55. #Emmerdale.”

“#Emmerdale of course Amelia won’t tell Noah she’s getting hassle ffs come on stop this c**p,” pleaded @Chris1968E.

“#Emmerdale Amelia learned nothing from her last experience,” he later continued. Though typical of Emmerdale. (sic)

Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper), who missed work in another instance, also raised suspicions.

Fearing Belle’s mental health had deteriorated, Tom King (James Chase) and Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) wound up chasing her through the woods.

Since learning that Lochlan White (Thomas Atkinson) had been transferred to a prison close to the village, the Dingle favorite has been having a hard time coping.


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