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Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Caleb Milligan was ‘spying’ on Dingles ahead of soap debut


After catching Caleb Milligan “spying” on Chas Dingle and Al Chapman before making his Emmerdale debut, viewers are confident they have exposed the newcomer.
On Christmas Day, William Ash’s character Caleb Milligan made his official Emmerdale debut. He recently began getting to know the rest of the Dingle family and is the long-lost brother of Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley). Caleb, however, is alleged to have been “spying” on family members while Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) was still alive, according to keen-eyed Emmerdale viewers.

In the dramatic 50th anniversary storyline for the soap opera, 10-year-old Kyle Winchester (Huey Quinn) murdered businessman Al in October.

Although Cain has been willing to accept responsibility for his son’s crime, the boy is becoming more and more troubled by his guilt as time goes on.

Since Cain had been receiving letters for several weeks, Caleb finally paid him a visit at the prison for a Christmas visit.

Hard guy After spending 30 years apart, Cain was reluctant to see his brother and advised Caleb to avoid Emmerdale.

Caleb, who disregarded his imprisoned brother, has instead spent weeks getting to know Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter), his half-sister.

Although he has introduced himself to the rest of the Dingle clan, it is still unclear why he has come back to the community.

Social media has been flooded with theories from viewers about Caleb, some of whom think he visited the village before Christmas.

I think he has been snooping on them for a while, it’s creepy, a social media user with the handle [NO NAME] wrote.

“I think Caleb was the one watching Chas and Al at the bridge that time, there’s more to him,” another [NO NAME] said.

“When he was told not to, why would he tell Kyle that he is the uncle? Sly,” added another. “

They were alluding to a scene from October where Chas and Al were having a heart-to-heart while cheating on their partners on the village bridge.

When he discovered Chas at Christmas time about to scatter their mother Faith Dingle’s (Sally Dexter) ashes in the nearby cemetery, Caleb recognized her right away.

Did Caleb spy on her prior to Al’s tragic passing and learn who she was?

I find Caleb to be very creepy because he constantly shows up and listens in on other people’s conversations, as Roberta James wrote.
Added Kirst Beaton: “Something is off with Caleb. He doesn’t seem to be as trustworthy as he is, and I just know it.”

“Something is just not sitting right with Caleb, he’s defo got some sort of ulterior motive,” Lauren said in reference to Emmerdale.

I don’t understand why Moira [Barton] is so trusting of Caleb already; there’s something strange about him, Owen remarked. #Emmerdale.”

In a recent interview with and other media, Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw said: “Caleb is everything his brother [Cain] isn’t at first glance: calm and in control, wealthy and successful. But will the two discover they have more in common than they thought?

What unspoken truths from their past will eventually catch up with them?


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