Thursday, September 28, 2023

Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Caleb Milligan’s true identity as Chloe Harris star drops clue


Exclusive interview with the actress who plays Chloe Harris reveals that Caleb Miligan, a newcomer to Emmerdale who has caused some controversy as Cain Dingle’s half-brother, is actually someone else.

Since Caleb Miligan (Will Ash) moved into the community, Emmerdale viewers have discussed their own hypotheses regarding who he is. And many believe he is Chloe Harris’ (Jessie Elland) unknown father rather than Cain Dingle’s (Jeff Hordley) half-brother. Despite a rocky beginning, Caleb seems to be winning Cain over; the two even shared a pint at the bar.

Jessie Elland hinted at Chloe being Caleb’s daughter in a recent interview with and other media.

She also talked about when her real dad’s identity might be made public.

Jessie said of meeting her father, “I don’t know if we will but I think it would be really interesting.

The soap star teased, “I am just as excited as everyone else to see what happens with that one,” when asked if Caleb was her father.

The soap opera has not confirmed anything, but fans have shared their own theories on social media.

“I wonder when Caleb will be busted for not being Cain’s brother, but being Amy & Chlo’s dad,” Carole tweeted in reference to Emmerdale.

Plot twist: Caleb is Chloe’s actual (non-adoptive) father, according to Vector. As a result, Mack’s child is both Moira’s niece and Caleb’s grandson.

You are aware of the popularity of unlikely coincidences and long-lost relatives among soap opera scriptwriters. (sic)

Why are we in the dark about Caleb? Is Caleb Chloe’s criminal father? He’s now Amy’s father. becoming Kyles’ grandfather? making a niece for Amy Cain? Undoubtedly not? Bernadine made a theory.

“I still don’t think Caleb is Cain’s brother,” Ryan Glendenning continued.

“He’s definitely the father of Amy and Chloe? If Kerry and Caleb had a relationship, I wonder.

Caleb is acting nice, but it’s pretty clear that he will end up being Chloe’s “gangster” adopted father, continued Paul Gibbons. (sic)

Mack and Chloe’s one-night stand was finally revealed by Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) during Thursday night’s hour-long episode.

The child was rushed to the hospital after pretending to be ill, but it was all a ruse to expose the cheating couple.

Chloe and Mack were forced to confess to the pregnancy when Sarah confronted them from her hospital bed.

When asked if the soon-to-be mother is concerned that Sarah will reveal the liaison, Jessie replied, “Yes.

“Particularly for Chloe, I believe, who feels bad about having to keep it a secret even though doing so is essentially necessary for her survival given how close they are.

“Chloe is, in my opinion, able to handle it fairly well and is quite confident in her capacity to, say, manipulate or obfuscate the truth.

“Therefore, I believe she is more assured about it.”


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