Sunday, September 24, 2023

Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Caleb Milligan’s unlikely ally in Kim Tate revenge plot


Fans now believe Caleb Milligan from Emmerdale is working with a member of his family to bleed Kim Tate dry and take over her beloved Home Farm.

On the most recent episode of the ITV soap opera Emmerdale, Jeff Hordley’s Cain Dingle and Claire King’s Kim Tate got into a fight.

She forewarned him, saying, “It would not give me pleasure to put you out of business because it is too simple and quick.

However, it would be very funny for me to slowly and deliberately ruin every single member of your family’s life while you watch it helplessly knowing it was your fault.

And while you might have been able to do that in the past, that is not the case anymore, Cain retorted.

Are you sure about that, Kim retorted? You won’t receive another warning.

Will Caleb Milligan (Will Ash), whose goal is to ruin Kim’s life, tell Cain about his revenge plan as their rivalry intensifies?

Although Cain and Caleb are brothers, Cain doesn’t seem to have much faith in his long-lost relative.

Will their enmity for Kim and her greed bring Caleb and Cain together?

Could Cain from Emmerdale, a tough guy, help Caleb finally defeat Kim?

Fans shared their theories on Twitter, with Grianne asking: “Wait, why doesn’t Caleb just tell Cain about his vendetta against Kim?

“Given the state of affairs at the moment, Cain would probably seize the opportunity to finally get rid of the b***h. He might find it difficult to believe that Faith and Frank (Tate) would ever become involved.

“Just can’t stand Kim and glad Caleb is going up against her,” continued Rhys Thompson. He and the Dingles ought to triumph and condemn her to life at the bottom so they can experience how it is! #emmerdale.”

Emma, on the other hand, wrote: “Wouldn’t be too surprised if Kim and Cain are playing the long game to catch out Caleb #OneCanHope #emmerdale.”

“I wonder who is going to be on who’s side,” Jamal wrote. when the truth is revealed. Emmerdale is the location of Caleb and Nicky’s secret.

“Oh no,” @TheTateDynasty continued. Cain, heed Kim’s warning that she will eliminate you. Caleb is unaware of what he is undertaking.


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