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Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Mackenzie Boyd to be framed for Caleb’s attack


Fans of Emmerdale have been trying to figure out who might be responsible for the attempted murder in recent episodes as they are aware that troublemaker Caleb Milligan is scheduled for a potentially fatal attack later this week.
Following Wednesday’s episode of Emmerdale, viewers have come to believe that Lawrence Robb’s Mackenzie Boyd—who is either going to push Caleb Milligan, played by Willian Ash, off the cliff—or be blamed for it—will actually do it.

It makes sense because in Wednesday’s episode of the ITV soap opera, Mackenzie was given plenty of reasons to want Caleb out of the picture.

Only recently was Mackenzie’s affair with Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) made public after it was discovered he was the father of her child.

When Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) was informed by the couple that they had decided to take things seriously, she confessed to having slept with Caleb.

Despite his attempts to appear as though he has moved on, Mackenzie was obviously envious of and angry with Caleb. Could viewers’ suspicions be confirmed?

Chloe and Mackenzie made the decision to inform Charity of their current relationship.

“What he means,” Chloe said to Charity as Mackenzie struggled to find the right words, “is that we know this isn’t going to be easy for you to hear, but me and Mackenzie are going to give things a try as a couple.”

Right, Charity said as she started to leave the bar she was working behind.

Chloe said to Mackenzie, “See, that wasn’t hard,” but she definitely spoke too soon.

Charity rang the pub bell and shouted, “I’ve got an announcement, everyone, ok?

Now that they are a couple, Mack and Chloe are no longer cheating love rats.

She then said, turning to Chloe, “By the way, Chloe, you can have my leftovers, and he can sleep with whoever he wants – you’re welcome to him.”

Mackenzie mumbled, “Glad you’re over me,” before Charity revealed the shocking information.

“Well, getting under someone else always helps,” she said with a smile.

Oh, and which fictional fella is that? Now that we’re dating, how come you happen to sleep with someone else? Mackenzie lashed out.

It did occur last night as it usually does – with him,” Charity retorted, pointing at Caleb.

On social media, the predictions soon started to pour in. Twitter user @griannedoherty3 tweeted: “Oh please spare us, we all know what’s gonna happen.

As soon as Chloe begins to question Mac’s guilt in Caleb’s attack, their relationship will end by the following week. They’ll get back together because Charity will believe him and perhaps even give him an explanation. “#Emmerdale is so predictable.” (sic)

Addition from @EastieOaks: “Random thought. What if Nicky and/or Charity push Caleb and attempt to blame Mackenzie for it?

Charity reveals that he slept with Caleb after Mackenzie tells her that he and Chloe are dating. @HasanHussain777 tweeted with the hashtag “#Emmerdale” and laughing emojis.

“#Emmerdale Mackenzie is acting like a petulant f***ing little brat,” raged @Chris1968E.

How did Mackenzie move on from Charity so quickly, as @HisLoveConsumes questioned? #Emmerdale.”

“Now there are a few people who have a reason to kill Caleb. Whodunit #Emmerdale,” wrote @Dbella91. As in (sic)


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