Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ unlikely villagers team up to take down Caleb Milligan


After the nanny refused to assist him any longer, Caleb Milligan from Emmerdale eventually threatened his own son Nicky during Thursday night’s hour-long episode.

Fans of Emmerdale seem to believe that two unlikely locals could work together to defeat Caleb Milligan (played by Will Ash).

In an effort to pay off his debt, Caleb has intensified his plan to take everything from Kim Tate (Claire King).

The businessman was working with his hidden son Nicky (Lewis Cope), but on Thursday’s episode, the nanny changed her mind.

The nanny informed Caleb’s father that he didn’t want to marry Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) because he was feeling pressured to do so and didn’t want to continue after learning that Nicky was gay.

But after threatening his son near the end of the show, Caleb revealed his true colors.

Once I get you into Kim’s computer, I don’t think you’ll need me any longer, Nicky said.

“Now that you know the real me, I don’t see a reason for me to marry Gabby. I don’t care about the money. You won’t need the Hop since you’ll have defeated Kim.

Nicky responded, “I don’t know how long I can keep up this pretense,” as Caleb argued, “We agreed.”

Caleb became enraged as Nicky revealed his plans to break up with Gabby and yelled, “Don’t call me dad, you’re my son who does what I want with no questions asked. We are not going to throw this all away.

You know that I can destroy you if you screw this up.

Following the episode, many fans shared their predictions for what might happen next on social media.

Some people seem to believe that Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), Caleb’s half-brother, already knows the businessman’s strategy, while others believe that the mechanic and Kim could band together to kill Caleb.

Twitter user @Pilch1972 wrote: “I think Cain is suspecting celeb of something…..#Emmerdale.”

@Jamie27A_ said, “Cain KNOWS #Emmerdale,” and @_Pixxalt added, “Caleb better not out Nicky.” I’m so concerned about Emmerdale. (sic)

“Nicky is actually ditching him, wow… #Emmerdale,” continued @Jamie27A_.

Really starting to despise Caleb, according to @roscoeleebarnes. I hope Nicky works with Kim to humiliate him on Emmerdale.

The tweet from @Samanth22356123 read, “Wonder if Kim/Cain/Moira will end up bringing Caleb down together???? #Emmerdale.”

Do you think Caleb #Emmerdale will be defeated by Cain or Kim? Tweeted by Daisy Duguid @.


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