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Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ who pushed Caleb Milligan and they’re not a major suspect


In the Thursday night episode of Emmerdale, Caleb Milligan was pushed over a cliff by an unknown attacker and left for dead.
Will Ash’s character Caleb Miligan from Emmerdale was last seen lying on the ground after being abruptly pushed off a cliff.

The identity of his assailant was not made public, but ITV viewers think they know who intended to kill the bad boy from the soap opera.

When it comes to who the suspect might be, a number of people have been mentioned, including Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) and Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi).

However, viewers don’t think the attacker is one of the ITV suspects, thinking Gabby (Rosie Bentham) or Nicky (Lewis Cope) is the one who pushed the victim.

Given that they showed us Cain, Moira, Mac, and Will squaring off with him, chances are none of them did it, as noted by astute viewer @ifeelflames. I’ll bet on Gabby or Nicky.

@ChewBarker78, another viewer, added: “So, whodunnit? With Nicky #Emmerdale, I’m going.

Adding to the discussion, @RyanTheSoapking wrote: “Yeah also Cain is too obvious. When he has Kyle to consider, he does not want to take the chance of going to jail once more. It might have been Nicky. He has been missing all week. #Emmerdale”

“None of them—I’m picking Nicky this time, just for fun. #Emmerdale,” guessed supporter @Matt528chap.

Adamant in their assumption, @flawedimperf wrote: “It’s Nicky like a million percent he pushed Caleb… Let’s hope that this #emmerdale ages well.

It’s Nicky or his mother, @DylanKi88517419 noted in the meantime. Other motivations are either overtly flawed or incredibly weak. What caused Nicky to vanish? Where is Caleb’s enigmatic wife?

After being pressured by his father to develop a romance with Gabby, Nicky revealed to her his true sexual orientation.

While Caleb informed Nicky that he would have to bear the blame for his plot to assassinate Kim Tate (Claire King), Gabby was left sobbing at the altar.

The Dingles feel betrayed and angry because Caleb’s plan to use Kim to reclaim Home Farm has caused a great deal of the village to turn against him.

The resident bad boy’s situation deteriorated further when he continued to distance himself from characters like Cain, Mackenzie Boyd, Will Taylor, and Leyla Harding after he started taunting them.

Then several of the characters told Caleb he would get what he deserved, while others vanished just before the attack.

Fans will have to wait to find out who Caleb’s assailant is.


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