Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ who pushes Caleb Miligan off cliff after Kim Tate ‘clue’


Caleb Miligan from Emmerdale is about to receive the greatest retribution for his sins as a local pushes him down a cliff.

Since waltzing back into the lives of the Dingles and Tates, Caleb Miligan from Emmerdale (played by Will Ash) has been nothing but a drama queen.

According to official spoilers, Caleb will take a horrific fall over a cliff this week, and a long list of people will be put on the suspect list.

Viewers already know that Caleb will suffer serious injuries in the fall and may pass away, causing many to speculate about who would kill the bad boy.

He has created a lot of enemies during his stay on Emmerdale, including Kim Tate (Claire King), who found him trying to steal her money and Home Farm.

Caleb believed he had a chance after encouraging Nicky (Lewis Cope) to wed Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) in order to get close to the money.

He sprung his plan into action because he knew everyone would be at the wedding, but Kim soon confronted him when Nicky called off the wedding and came out as gay.

You were just trying too hard, Caleb, Kim told the culprit, feeling relieved that she had managed to keep her money and home.

“Call it a sixth sense, but I felt like there was a little voice in my head warning me to be careful. I got where I am now by paying attention to that tiny voice.

“The voice grew louder each time you found a quick solution to a problem. I was pleased by the way you cheated on your new family to gain the farm.

“That impolite little action raised some red flags for Will. I merely assumed that you were another brash boy attempting to partake in the action.

“The amusing thing is what ultimately revealed you. The music. Soon after I finished listening to the music by myself, you started singing along with joy.

“Blue jeans forever. Do you recall how I insisted on meeting your architect? In retrospect, that was yet another error.

Many viewers claimed they were certain who would shove Caleb off the cliff in subsequent scenes after their angry argument.

Ryan Glendenning posed the following question on Twitter: “Who do we believe will shove Caleb off the cliff then? Do you also think Jo Tate might come back?

Another person commented: “Now that everything is in the open, I wonder if this will inspire a Joe Tate comeback. #Emmerdale.”

The tweeter @whatjaynereads remarked: “And still no answer to WHERE IS JOE TATE? #emmerdale.”

@blue_laur11 questioned: “Does that Mean Joe is Still Alive?! #Emmerdale.”

The references to Graham and Joe, as stated by @TwellyWatcher. With them two, there were some fantastic #Emmerdale tales. (sic)


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