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Emmerdale favourite quits acting to become teacher despite iconic soap role


Many characters appear and disappear in Emmerdale, and some later return. Some soap opera stars, though, choose to give up acting and start completely new careers.

Adele Silva, a former fan favorite from Emmerdale who played Kelly Windsor on the ITV soap, has abruptly changed fields and is now a teacher.

According to MailOnline Adele, who played a major role in the soap opera from 1993 to 2011, is currently a professor at the National Film and Television School.

When she became pregnant with her now-eight-year-old daughter, Sienna, she left the soap opera, and she has never returned to the ITV mainstay.

On the soap opera, Kelly was a major character who participated in some contentious plots, such as dating her teacher and having an affair with her stepbrother.

When Adele’s character returned to the Dale after a five-year absence, the soap opera welcomed her back in 2005.

After another departure in 2007, Adele made a brief comeback in 2011.

Adele was nominated for the 2008 British Soap Awards’ Sexiest Female award while she was a cast member of the soap opera.

Along with Nick Miles, she has received nominations for best actress and best couple in separate categories.

She moved to Los Angeles after her time on the soap opera to pursue her acting career, where she was seen in shop assistant roles and quoted in the same publication as saying: “In this climate, you can either sell your soul or do an honest day’s work.”

It appears that Adele could still be up for an incredible Emmerdale comeback despite her current teaching position back in the UK.

If they asked, I’d definitely go back, the 42-year-old told The Sun. Kelly’s son is undoubtedly present, even though she hasn’t seen him in years.

Little April is the next. You can picture Marlon’s reaction if Kelly, her aunt, showed up. He would be appalled.

“My little girl is getting a little older. It’s been great spending time at home with her as a mother because she’s content and happy.

Aside from Emmerdale, Adele has appeared in The Bill, EastEnders, Hollyoaks, and took on a small acting role in the Doctor Who story, Survival.


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