Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Emmerdale fears for Belle Dingle as fans ‘work out’ Tom King’s true motive


Tom King, a newcomer to Emmerdale, revealed to his girlfriend Belle Dingle that he intended to move into the community so that they could pursue their relationship seriously.

Before Tom King (James Chase), who played Belle Dingle in Emmerdale, returned to her life, she had a bad love life.

The new couple’s relationship is going well, and on Wednesday night’s episode, Tom even said, “I love you.”

Fans believe the newcomer is hiding something from his love and is too good to be true.

“I’ve got a busy day ahead of me,” Tom said as they took a seat in the pub. I’ll start looking for a place to rent in the village.

“What?” “And you were right to push me into sorting things out with Jimmy (Nick Miles),” Tom retorted, shocking Belle. It feels good to be a part of this family once more.

He continued, “Being with you feels good, and I want to see where it goes.”

Do you want to visit my house later, Belle continued? Can we watch a movie tonight?

We have the place to ourselves, and if you play your cards right, I might even let you choose the movie, she continued.

“Oh, brilliant,” Tom jokingly said, “I’ll dust off my Adam Sandler collection.”

As the vet retorted, “That was a test and you passed, there is a limit,” Belle said, “Ok there is a limit. Belle Dingle, you are perfect, and I adore you more than anything.

Fans, however, have continued to be dubious of Tom ever since he entered the village, with many wondering what his true intentions are.

I by hope Tom doesn’t turn out to be a total b*d!! @RachieMarps tweeted in response to theories: Belle #Emmerdale is my favorite. (sic)

What is Tom up to? asked @Samanth22356123. He’s acting too content and cordial! #Emmerdale.” (sic)

While @RyanTheSoapking tweeted: “Tom has already spoken the word Love to Belle. Tom, slow down. What is he concealing? Why does he want to move so quickly, and why?”

Tom is not good for Belle’s mental health, not yet, according to @pam_debeauvoir. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Keep in touch; it will be much simpler for you, #Emmerdale.

“Don’t trust him Belle, he is too needy #Emmerdale,” pleaded @Sasha_Rose.

“I’ve yearned after lost loves before, but Tom is a level above,” tweeted @LeroyStHillwell. Belle’s deception is a mystery, #Emmerdale.


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