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Emmerdale heartbreak as Mack Boyd rejects Chloe and tries to rekindle with Charity


When Mackenzie Boyd of Emmerdale becomes envious and notices Charity Dingle making out with another villager, it appears that he will regret cheating on her.

On Emmerdale, Mack Boyd (played by Lawrence Robb) had a child earlier this year with Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland), who was unfaithful to Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins).

Once the secret was revealed, Charity dumped Mack, and in recent weeks, he has become more attached to Chloe and their baby Reuben.

In upcoming scenes, Mack keeps telling Chloe that he’s over Charity, but when he requests to spend the day with her, she becomes conflicted.

As Mack and Chloe make their way upstairs after returning from their day trip, emotions start to flare.

The next day, Chloe tries to hide her excitement as Mack seems eager to accept their predicament.

She quickly becomes irritated, though, as Mack refuses to tell Charity about their relationship.

When Charity admits she had an affair with Caleb Milligan (Will Ash) at The Woolpack, chaos ensues.

When Mack confronts Caleb, he is incredibly enraged and jealous, and it is obvious that the Scotsman still has feelings for Charity.

Mack’s response clearly hurts Chloe, so she gives him the choice between her and Charity. Mack will decide who.

Although Mack believed Charity to be his true love, she was unable to stand him after finding out about his illicit relationship.

On the ITV serial, will Charity establish a relationship with Caleb or would she choose to get back together with Mack?

Emma, a charity actress, discussed the affair plotline with Express.co.uk earlier this year.

Everyone often claims that joyful endings don’t make for good drama, she said.

Do you, then, sort of sort of feel a little sorry for Charity that she is going through this heartache?

Lawrence, who plays Rob, commented on his character’s feelings by saying, “He clearly wants to be with Charity.

“I believe that his first concern would be attempting to win Charity’s trust. But he rapidly realises that it’s not going to happen at first.


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