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Emmerdale history to repeat itself as Cain Dingle arrested for murder


EXCLUSIVE: Cain Dingle, a stalwart of Emmerdale, has already served time in jail for the slaying of Al Chapman. But what if the mechanic’s past ended up repeating itself?
In upcoming episodes of Emmerdale, Caleb Milligan, played by Will Ash, the half-brother of Cain Dingle (played by Jeff Hordley), is pushed off a woodland ridge by an unknown individual.

However, Caleb has offended everyone in the village, so anyone could be the culprit.

Caleb lies in the hospital as the police line up their suspects, according to ITV’s official spoilers.
Caleb, who is unconscious, is being watched over by Cain and Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter).

However, when DS Raveley and DC Croft, two detectives, show up to question Cain, the bartender is suspicious of him.

Could Cain Dingle’s past be repeating itself? Will the mechanic be detained on suspicion of murder if Caleb passes away?

Or will someone close to him frame him or make him take the blame?

The actor who plays Caleb talked candidly about his most recent plotline in an exclusive interview with and other media.

The actor said, in reference to Caleb’s “welcoming” treatment by the Dingles and Kim Tate (Claire King), “They’ve been so kind and welcoming but there was huge suspicion of him when he came into the village and they showed him nothing but love really and kindness and it’s nice being involved with those two families.”

Will continued, “It’s one of those scenes where you get the opportunity to say all the things you want to say to people you’ve got a grudge with in real life, but you never have the balls to say really,” in reference to his confrontation with the villagers before he is pushed.

“And he does treat everyone equally, and some of it is justified and some of it is not, but he has kind of cornered himself, he is like a wounded animal.

He goes on the attack because “he feels like he’s been hurt, and the best form of defense is to attack.”

The Caleb Milligan actor said, “His whole life he’s held this grudge…he was put into care and his mom abandoned him and his family abandoned him. Whoever it was that pushed him off the ridge, he’s held it against them.

It’s the ‘You didn’t want anything to do with him’ kind of thing. Since he is one of those people who will harbor resentment for a very long time, he believes that someone has attempted to kill him.

Therefore, once he learns who it is, “the guns will be loaded for whoever that is.”


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