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Emmerdale history to repeat itself as Nicky Milligan strikes again after Gabby warning


EXCLUSIVE: When it was revealed that Nicky Milligan had pushed his father Caleb off a woodland ridge and left him for dead, Emmerdale fans were in shock.
Lewis Cope’s character Nicky Milligan from Emmerdale may appear to be repentant after trying to murder his own father Caleb (Will Ash), but could the nanny end up attacking again?

According to ITV’s official spoilers, Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) is upset to learn that Nicky intends to stay in the village with Caleb.

Gabby, despite having her heart broken, warns Nicky in a brave-faced manner.

Caleb wishes he could help his son, who is still upset about breaking up with Ally (Josh Horrocks), by making things right.

Later, Nicky allows his father, Caleb, to give his son a gift.

Caleb and Nicky’s relationship promises that Nicky will heal and develop over time.

The actor who plays Nicky teased whether history would soon repeat itself in the Dales because it is obvious that Nicky has the capacity to commit a crime if he is forced to.

Lewis began his exclusive interview with and other media by saying: “We haven’t learned a ton about Nicky’s background.

“A lot of the information you’ve learned has actually been made up to try and get back at you.

You haven’t really learned much, but even though I don’t think he’s a particularly aggressive person, I do believe that everyone has the capacity to be aggressive in the right circumstances.

“In light of the circumstances, I believe he might be able to repeat it.”

After a while, he continued, “I think you know, maybe he could be influenced by situations and do things again, we don’t know yet.”

Lewis continued by talking about Nicky’s mother, who has previously been mentioned in the ITV soap opera but whose identity is still unknown.

He said that if his character does remain in the community, he would dearly love for his mother’s identity to be made public.

“I think it would be nice if my mother was to come in because she’s been mentioned so much and she’s been such a heavy part of our storyline from the beginning,” the Nicky Milligan actor said.

“It would be nice to see that relationship between me and her, but also, my dad and her, as that seems to be really complex as well.”


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