Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Emmerdale love triangle as fans ‘work out’ Naomi Walters’ sinister plan


On Tuesday night, Emmerdale was rife with drama after Nicky Milligan finally admitted to pushing his father Caleb to death.
After watching Naomi Walters (Karene Peters) and Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) become closer during Tuesday night’s episode, Emmerdale viewers believe a love triangle may be in the works.

ITV viewers speculate that Naomi might be courting Vinny in order to con him out of money.

As a result of selling his home recently, the Dingle favorite now has money in the bank to spend, and Naomi appears to be taking advantage of his generosity.

Naomi explained to Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) in Tuesday night’s episode that she couldn’t afford to pay for her nails because her card had been declined.

Even though she didn’t have any money, she quickly set up a night out on the town when Vinny showed up.

Vinny also sat down with Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper), who was battling mental illness. Therefore, is a love triangle in Vinny’s future?

Oh, sorry, it seems to have failed to go through, Amelia said.

Naomi said, “Oh,” as Vinny entered the room. I was about to send you a message to express my gratitude for the yesterday’s mocktails.

She told Vinny: “I feel like there’s loads of stuff out there waiting for you… starting with clubbing with me tonight.” after offering to assist Amelia with her social media marketing instead of paying.

Following the episode, a large number of fans took to Twitter to discuss what they thought would happen next.

Many believe that Naomi could take advantage of Vinny’s kindness, while others believe that Vinny, Naomi, and Belle might be involved in a love triangle.

@domain_harry asked, “Are Vinny and Naomi going to hook up? Not #emmerdale, for sure.

Unbelievable, tweeted @Jamal06122771. Naomi wants to go out clubbing with Vinny despite being strapped for cash and unable to pay for her nails. What a #emmerdale leech. (sic)

The tweet from @DionPetrie read, “Naomi pays for nothing #Emmerdale.”

Added by @Samanth22356123 They are undoubtedly attempting to unite Vinny and Naomi. Vinny is such a f****r! #Emmerdale.”

It was noted by @ToddGM246 that “So wait you can’t afford nails, but can afford a night out clubbing? #Emmerdale.”

She and Super Vet are not as compatible as Belle and Vinny. Additionally, because they are not blood relatives, their offspring won’t be inbred like the rest of them, @funkygibbons added. (sic)


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