Thursday, September 28, 2023

Emmerdale murder ‘sealed’ for Caleb Milligan after village legends form alliance


On Wednesday’s episode of Emmerdale, the drama developed after Nicky Milligan called off his marriage to Gabby Thomas after coming out as gay.

Rosie Bentham’s character Gabby Thomas from Emmerdale was devastated when her future husband Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope) revealed he wasn’t in love with her on the big day.

After learning that Nicky had canceled the wedding, his father Caleb Milligan (Will Ash) erupted in rage and punched him in the face.

Later, Caleb instructed Nicky to accept responsibility for emptying the Home Farm accounts since he could not marry Gabby due to his homosexuality.

In an effort to expedite his plan to drain Kim Tate (Clair King) completely, a furious Caleb tried to contact his friend Adrian, but was alarmed to discover that her accounts were empty.

When Kim approached him at Home Farm and revealed that she had been aware of his plan all along, his façade began to crack.

I just waited outside that door long enough for you to experience your small shock, she said.

“Caleb, please know when to give up and show some respect! Every penny you planned to steal is secured in an account that you can’t possibly access.

Before Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), Caleb’s half-brother, appeared by Kim’s side and threw him to the ground, Caleb pretended to be stupid.

Kim responded: “I didn’t bother calling the police, just Cain, who knows everything,” to Cain’s outburst, “You’re going nowhere.”

Fans believe Caleb might be killed by his own blood as a result of the betrayal after the explosive episode ended on a cliffhanger.

In recent scenes, Cain and his wife Moira Barton (Natalie J. Robb) sold their cherished farm to Caleb, and the Emmerdale hard man may resort to murder to exact his retribution.

On Twitter, SG wrote: “Eeek!!! Yes, I do adore Cain. Can’t wait to see how #Emmerdale plays out, especially given how Caleb has messed with Moria throughout all of this.

“Well, that was good, @emmerdale,” said Julie Tait. I bet the baby monitor played a significant role in Caleb’s failure. Now to discover how Kim learned! Let’s go tomorrow! #emmerdale.”

“Yes,” Ashley Grace replied. The court, Jester, is led by Caleb and Emmerdale as its King and Queen.

In a tweet, Louise MacAllister wrote, “Cain and Kim working together to bring down Caleb!!! #Emmerdale.”

The Kim and Cain alliance is NEVER something we thought we’d see, like ever!, said @Emmerdale2dae. This #Emmerdale was really good.


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