Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Emmerdale reveals: Angel, Nicola’s daughter, perishes in terrifying car accident?


Distraction is one of the leading factors in auto accidents, and when Nicola’s (Nicola Wheeler) concentration is off the road as a result of the impact of Tom’s (Mark Flanagan) return, Angel becomes a statistic.

Since Tom arrived, Jimmy (Nick Miles) and Nicola have been on edge, not only because he initially refused to see them but also because the mere mention of his deceased father Carl sets him off into an angry rage.

It’s tricky because Carl was Jimmy’s brother and Jimmy’s son is named after him, so he-who-shall-not-be-named is always brought up. All hell breaks loose when Jimmy unintentionally reveals that Carl killed Tom’s namesake grandfather.

Tom’s situation is precarious, and Belle’s (Eden Taylor-Draper) admission that she accidentally killed Gemma isn’t helping. He’s like a coiled spring, and when Jimmy confronts him in the Woolpack to settle the score, things take a violent turn.

In light of this, Jimmy suddenly decides to cut Tom out of his life for the benefit of his family. He is too erratic to have around his kids. Jimmy is left to mull over this difficult choice, but Nicola reassures him that it is the right one.

Later, however, after Jimmy forgot to take her to the dentist, Nicola discovers Angel outside Victoria Cottage and her capacity for empathy wanes. She yells at the teenager as they rush to the appointment and shoves the teenager into her car out of stress.

Nicola, however, takes her eyes off the road because her attention is diverted. A terrible accident occurs when Moira and Nicola collide at a junction just outside the village.

Angel is not moving; she is unconscious in the crushed car’s back, which is a startling realization for the two women as they work to free themselves from the wreckage. Has Nicola’s insanity claimed the life of her daughter?


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