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Emmerdale rocked as Nicky Milligan’s secret exposed after he’s caught with lover


Nicky Milligan has been leading a double life on Emmerdale for months, but the pressure of his significant secret is starting to get to him on the ITV soap.
Rosie Bentham’s Gabby Thomas is counting down the minutes until she weds Lewis Cope’s Nicky Milligan, a recent addition to the Emmerdale cast.

She still doesn’t know, though, what his true intentions are for the drama set in Yorkshire.

Nicky is the son of Caleb Milligan (Will Ash), who has enlisted Kim Tate (Claire King) and the Emmerdale nanny in his plot to take over Home Farm. As part of his and Caleb’s scheme, Nicky, who has been working as a nanny at Home Farm, made Gabby fall in love with him.

Nicky, who recently came out as gay, has been doubting the strategy lately and told his dad that he doesn’t think he can actually marry Gabby.

Caleb still wants his son to go through with the wedding even though he wishes Nicky had revealed his sexual orientation to him earlier.

By telling Nicky his mother would be homeless if they didn’t receive the funds from Kim’s estate, he has been emotionally blackmailing Nicky.

In upcoming scenes, Nicky has second thoughts about getting married to Gabby while having a stag party.

He consents to a secret rendezvous with his lover Ally (Josh Horrocks), but it appears that they might be discovered.

Will Nicky’s secret be revealed before his wedding to Gabby or will she find out as she approaches the altar?

Nicky’s mother Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles), while having a drink with him earlier this week in The Woolpack, questioned his sexual orientation.

Nicky exhibited a sheepish expression when Bernice reminded her daughter that her ex-husbands had previously left her for other men.

Bernice asked Gabby if she thought Nicky might be gay as he hurried to the bar to get more drinks.

The women have been working hard on the big day ever since Bernice accepted the honor.
Will the wedding proceed as scheduled, or will there be dramatic scenes from the ITV soap opera as things fall apart?


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