Thursday, September 28, 2023

Emmerdale rocked by pregnancy as fans ‘work out’ who takes down Caleb Milligan


This week on Emmerdale, there has been no shortage of drama, and viewers finally witnessed nanny Nicky tell Gabby Thomas the truth about who she really is.

On the day of their wedding, Lewis Cope’s Nicky Thomas (played by Rosie Bentham) finally revealed his sexual orientation to Gabby Thomas (Emmerdale).

After Gabby told her boyfriend that she wanted him to adopt her son, Thomas, Nicky made his confession.

The two were going through a difficult time, and Gabby handled the news better than was perhaps anticipated.

However, Nicky’s father, Caleb Milligan (Will Ash), was one person who was furious at the admission.

To bring down Kim Tate (Claire King), Caleb and Milligan have been cooperating.

After Nicky’s admission of being gay, a distraught Gabby questioned him, “What do you mean you’re gay?”

“I shouldn’t have said that,” Nicky said. I love someone else, therefore there’s something else.

“A man?” Gabby enquired. Clearly a male, do I recognise him?

Nicky responded, “It doesn’t matter,” as Gabby screamed at him for not telling her sooner.

Caleb attempted to use Gabby’s computer after she left but was discovered by Kim.

Finally, the owner of Home Farm exposed Caleb’s scheme and revealed all to his half-brother Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley).

Fans, however, appear to believe Gabby might be expecting given their predictions for how Caleb would be defeated.

A user named @daisy_duguid tweeted: “Any chance we can get a flashback to see how Kim found out, I think Will caught up with Adrian #Emmerdale.” Other users also posted their own thoughts about how Caleb will be exposed and who knows his secret.

“Kim has rumbled Caleb’s plan… and Cain knows the truth too,” wrote @mikepriestley13. The episode was a belter. The #Emmerdale hour tomorrow will be incredible. (sic)

Added @GeorgiaBowring: “#Emmerdale Therefore, I believe Will will kill Caleb! Over the past few months, he has acted as Gabby’s father.

At the same time, @Onelifee3 predicted: “Give it a few months and she [Gabby] will be pregnant.”

@deanobeanos questioned: “Wonder what Will has been up to when he was supposedly filling the car up #Emmerdale.”

Was Kim constantly spying on Caleb, then? “#Emmerdale,” noted @adlangford.

Continuing, @Winis_World said, “Caleb is beyond EVIL. I’m hoping Nicky spills something on #Emmerdale. (sic)


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