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Emmerdale romances you forgot: From Chas and Dan to Laurel and Bob’s affair


Over the years, Emmerdale viewers have witnessed many romances, many of which resulted in weddings, happy pregnancies, and significant plotlines.

Characters’ relationships don’t always pan out, and a lot of couples break up because of adultery, surprise separations, and indifference.

Some old soap opera couples may surprise viewers because we had all forgotten about them.

Despite being happily in love right now, many of the show’s characters were once involved in scandalous relationships or were dating various locals.

Here, we look back at some of the most unexpected former relationships in the Dales and discuss the factors that contributed to their breakup.

Dan Spencer and Chas Dingle
One of the shortest marriages in soap opera history may have been that of Chas Dingle and Dan Spencer.

After swiftly becoming engaged, the couple wed in October 2012 after starting to date in 2011.

But on the eve of their nuptials, Chas inadvertently killed Carl King, or so she believed; it was later discovered that Cameron Murray had committed the murder.

Before leaving Dan for him, Chas had an affair with Cameron, which Dan found out about after the marriage was dissolved in 2013.

When it was revealed that Laurel Thomas and Bob Hope were having an affair, that was one twist that viewers did not anticipate.

The affair caused Bob and Brenda to break up before he and Laurel started dating, but not before Brenda exposed them by posting a message about the affair on the café’s door.

However, they were only together for a short while before Laurel publicly dumped him at the bar.

Charity Dingle and Jai Sharma had a somewhat tumultuous relationship, which her ex Cain set out to ruin.

After starting to date in 2011, the couple decided to get married the following year.

However, Jai’s plans to have a family with her were derailed when Charity told him she didn’t want any more kids.

After Jai had an affair with Rachel Breckle, she became pregnant with his child, and their relationship began to deteriorate.

When she learned that Jai was Archie’s father in 2014, they permanently parted up.

Rhona and Marlon Dingle’s relationship wasn’t always easy, despite the fact that they are currently together.

Before Rhona realized she genuinely had feelings for Paddy, his closest buddy, they were initially seen together on the show more than ten years ago.

The two of them connected because Paddy shared their sentiments, but when Rhona found out she was expecting, Paddy found it difficult to be honest with Marlon.

While Rhona remained with Paddy and eventually got married, Marlon eventually discovered the truth—that he was the father.

They eventually called it quits on their relationship as a result of a number of events, including Rhona’s addiction to painkillers and Paddy’s liaison with Tess Harris.

Since they have lived in the village since they were little, Gabby and Jacob have undoubtedly grown up watching the soap opera.

Jacob just experienced sorrow when Meena Jutla killed his lover, while Gabby Thomas gave birth to a son following an affair with Jamie Tate.

Fans might not be aware that Gabby had her first boyfriend on the soap opera when she was a teenager, despite the fact that she is currently caught up with the Tates and getting ready to marry Nicky Miligan.

Before their brief teen relationship, Gabby and Jacob were classmates. The youngsters later slept together while attending college, but they didn’t get back together and are still friends now.


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