Thursday, September 28, 2023

Emmerdale spoilers: Major clue that mysterious nanny Nicky has secret connection to villager


Emmerdale fans are convinced that there is more to Nicky (Lewis Cope) than meets the eye, and a new clue could prove to be the key to solving the mystery.

The newcomer, who works as a nanny up at Home Farm, has kept his cards close to his chest since making his Dales debut late last year and, on the surface, he appears to be nothing more than just a genuinely loveably guy who wants to do his job to the best of his ability.

But is he simply too good to be true?

This is Emmerdale we’re talking about, so the answer to that question is probably a yes. In fact, the fact that we know so little about Nicky is definitely be a red flag. Lewis Cope, who plays the nanny, even previously hinted at a dark side for his character.

‘At the moment he’s a lovely person and there’s nothing to say otherwise, but he’s quite too good to be true though,’ he told

A number of viewers have voiced their theories online about what Nicky is up to, with some even believing the nanny to have ties to another character within in the village.

While there has been nothing within in the show’s narratives as of yet to suggest this, there could be a clue located in the closing credits, as Nicky – despite being a series regular – doesn’t yet have a surname.

All of Emmerdale’s mainstays are listed on the closing credits with their full name, while Nick is simply referred to with his first.

Could this perhaps suggest that he is, in fact, connected – or related to – someone else within in the village, and Emmerdale has decided to withhold his surname for the time being in a bid to keep the twist intact?

Coronation Street previously used this tactic to hide the fact that Harvey Gaskell, played by Strictly’s Will Mellor, was related to Sharon Gaskell, and thus simply referred to the drugs boss as ‘Harvey’ in the credits until his connection to Sharon was revealed on-screen.

Is Emmerdale perhaps employing the same method to cover up Nicky’s true identity? If this does prove to be the case, the question is: just WHO is Nicky connected to?


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