Sunday, December 10, 2023

Emmerdale spoilers: Marcus set to dump Ethan as he discovers a secret


Due to a shocking twist, Marcus (Darcy Grey) and Ethan (Emile John) in Emmerdale are having a miserable Valentine’s Week. In the space of one second, they go from love’s young dream of preparing to buy a house to Heartbreak Hotel.

How is this possible? Recently, they appeared to be unbreakable; Ethan practically gave up his career to defend his lover, and the couple decided it was time to start settling down. It’s heartbreaking to think that they might split up, but dark secrets have a way of doing that.

Marcus feels deflated by the lack of romance and urgency to find their own place after the pair’s date night, which is a complete failure. He is irritated by Ethan’s hesitation and wonders if it indicates that he is changing his mind. Naomi (Karene Peter) drags him out for a night out because she hates to see him looking so depressed.

Marcus’ smile returns when Ethan later makes things right by assuring him that he has every intention of helping them find their own home. There’s no need to rush to find their ideal home because these things take time.

However, this assurance from Ethan is only a cover because it appears that he is up to no good. Behind Marcus’ back, he receives a message from an unidentified man who is unaware of Ethan’s covert actions.

The secret is not kept a secret for long, though, as Marcus sees Ethan get into a stranger’s car and has the worst nightmare of any couple.

Marcus is horrified and can’t keep quiet about what he saw, so he confronts Ethan as soon as he has the chance. Marcus isn’t interested in hearing any lies, so despite Ethan’s attempts to defend himself, it appears that this sweet romance is over.


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