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Emmerdale spoilers: Nicky Milligan’s plot exposed by Bernice Blackstock as she discovers he is gay?


The Emmerdale episode airing on Tuesday, May 23, had Gabby Thomas’ (Rosie Bentham) wedding preparations in full swing when her fictitious fiancé Nicky (Lewis Cope) asked to move the wedding up so his fictitious father could attend.

Because he needs to marry Gabby right away as part of the plan he and his real father, Caleb Milligan (William Ash), have to destroy Kim Tate (Claire King), Nicky has created this web of falsehoods about a fictional father, who he believes has cancer.

Additionally, Nicky would prefer to get married as soon as possible since he detests having to pretend to love Gabby while in reality, he is in love with Ally (Josh Horrocks).

Since Gabby had already agreed to all of Nicky’s previous lies, she readily agreed to the one with the gravely ill father and moved the wedding date. This implies that she will have less time to prepare than the six months she had anticipated.

Wine selection and deciding who would lead the bride down the aisle were on the agenda for this episode. The last choice was simple for Gabby because she only had one person in mind to walk with her down the aisle: her mother Bernice (Samantha Giles).

Gabby informed Bernice that she was her first and only option while they were at the Woolpack with Nicky. Bernice exclaimed in joy.

The woman sighed and remembered her four unsuccessful marriages, saying, “It’s probably the last time I’ll get to walk down an aisle anyway.”

She emphasized that it was not her fault that half of her spouses were homosexual, which naturally made Nicky seem uneasy.

Tony Binns was Bernice’s first husband. After four years of dating, she found him sleeping with another man when she got home.

The fact that Lawrence White (John Bowe) had been imprisoned and subjected to aversion therapy in the 1960s to “cure” him from being gay hindered a later marriage to Lawrence White. His entire life was impacted by this, even his union with Bernice.

People should be more truthful before saying “I do,” Nicky was then questioned by Bernice about whether he had any secrets that Gabby ought to be aware of. There are no skeletons and there is no closet, Gabby asserted, and the poor man could only answer with a little uneasy chuckle.

Nicky is forced to remain firmly inside the closet despite coming out to a Caleb who was largely accepting of him because his father is adamant that Nicky carry out the plan, no matter what the cost to him may be. Nicky is so obliged to portray the dedicated and extremely straight bride-to-be.

Bernice might not find him compelling enough, though. She muttered, “He’s got lovely skin, Gabby,” as Nicky left to buy more drinks and give himself some breathing room. “Are you certain he isn’t gay?”

Gabby was certain of everything. She declared, adoringly looking at her gay fiancé, “My gaydar is fully functional.”


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