Thursday, September 28, 2023

Emmerdale star declares love for co-star as she bids farewell to soap after 11 years


Fiona Wade, who has been a part of the Emmerdale cast for 11 years, has expressed her affection for her co-star.

Star of Emmerdale Fiona Wade is leaving the community to pursue other possibilities. The 43-year-old actress, who has played Priya Sharma for 11 years, is now prepared to take her profession to the next level.

Rebecca Sarker, 48, who plays Priya’s stepmother Manpreet Sharma, complimented her co-star for being “very kind” in a photo of the two friends together.

The picture’s caption read: “I love you, @fionawade1. I’m grateful for the warm welcome you’ve given me into your family, both fictional and real.”

Fiona kindly retorted, “My lovely sister. I appreciate you sticking by my side throughout. Family is always my everything. I cherish you, xxx.

Samantha Giles and Nicola Wheeler, who played Bernice Blackstock and Unforgotten, respectively, joined the women for a farewell drink as they stood with their arms encircled.

After leaving the role, Fiona shot her last few episodes, and Priya is now on her way to London to start a new profession.

It’s been the most fantastic 11 years portraying Priya Sharma, so saying goodbye to my Emmerdale family wasn’t easy, she said in a statement regarding her stint on the soap opera.

I am incredibly grateful to @emmerdale and @ itv for the amazing chances they have provided me with over the years. I have adored portraying Priya.

Fiona added: “To my beautiful Sharma family… you know how much I adore you. Thank you for helping to make my final moments memorable, cast and crew.

“I appreciate everything,’ And I want to thank all of the Emmerdale viewers for their continued support throughout the years.

“To the next chapter!” was said.

Fiona called leaving the show “one of the hardest decisions” she has ever had to make. “Leaving my Emmerdale family is a big deal, and it wasn’t easy recording my last scenes,” she told Digital Spy.

“It’s hard and feels sad when you’ve been somewhere for that long and that’s your every day,” she continued.

However, as every actor is aware of, it’s also crucial to push oneself.

Fiona continued by calling working on the ITV soap a “gift of a job” and noting that there are “so many blessings” to be found there.

To be given a character that you can make your own and to have excellent writers who allow you to develop in this amazing character, she said.

Additionally, the relationships you form and the adventures you have are priceless.

Her admirers were devastated when her final scenes aired on Friday.

She stated: “I just finished recording my very final scene as Priya” in a video posted later on social media.


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