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Emmerdale star details reaction to finding out about Wendy Posner and Liam Cavanagh affair


Viewers of Emmerdale recently observed how Wendy Posner and Liam Cavanagh became closer as a result of their shared interest in murder mysteries. One thing led to another, and the pair unexpectedly kissed, making it obvious that deeper passions were at play.

Last week, when GP Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) and Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson) succumbed to temptation, events in the Emmerdale village took an unexpected turn.

The two became friends over their shared interest in murder mysteries after learning that Liam writes mystery novels under the pen name Anna Le Monde.

Things grew heated after the game when they decided to stay after work to attend an online conference of their mutual interest.

They later had a kiss at work, so it appears that their connection wasn’t a one-time affair.

The audience is certain that this is the beginning of an ongoing affair, but Wendy reciprocates the kiss and tells Liam they need to stop feeling guilty about cheating on her husband.

The panellists were discussing the unexpected romance with soap opera stars Jonny McPherson and Susan Cookson when they appeared on Monday’s episode of Loose Women.

When you received the scripts, what did you think? questioned Ruth Langsford.

When the story was first pitched, Susan retorted, “Well, it was kind of like, ‘Really…Really? “He and I”

Jonny chimed in and said, “Of course, why not?”

Gloria Hunniford of Loose Women’s appeared to catch them all off guard when she inquired, “Is he a good kisser?”

Brenda Edwards advised the 83-year-old to ease into the questions as Jonny pretended to clutch his chest in disbelief and smiled at her candour.

The two soap stars admitted they were offered an intimacy coordinator but declined it, which made people curious about how they felt when portraying such intimate scenes together.

It will get more awkward if a third party is involved, Susan remarked.

Fans were concerned about what it would mean for Wendy and her husband Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) after seeing Wendy and Liam become acquainted, especially after he rejected a kiss with Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles).

Susan stated, when asked how Wendy felt about her husband after kissing Liam, “She feels terrible about that, she does love Bob, she does,” according to

She is heartbroken over it and basically wants Liam to stop because it was a moment of insanity.

Although it was a lot of fun, Liam doesn’t want it to end because she and Bob are in a serious, meaningful relationship.


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