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Emmerdale star hints at tragic ending for Charity Dingle as Chloe fights for Mack


Emmerdale legend Charity Dingle was devastated to learn that Mackenzie Boyd had an affair with Chloe Harris. Although Mack wants Charity back, it seems that Chloe has other ideas for them.
On Emmerdale, Chloe Harris, played by Jessie Elland, just gave birth to Reuben.

When the child became ill, Mack Boyd (Lawrence Robb) and Charity, who had taken Chloe in during her pregnancy, hurried to be at Reuben’s side.

Charity realized he was Reuben’s biological father when she saw Mack and Chloe at the hospital by themselves with the infant.

As Charity tried to comprehend Mack’s adultery, she was upset and urged him to leave her life.

Later scenes show Chloe getting carried away and leaning in for a kiss with Mack.

Since Reuben’s health scare a few weeks ago, Chloe and Mack have become closer, but he rejects her advances when she arrives at her doorway.

“Chloe has fallen for Mackenzie,” said Jessie, who plays Chloe. Even though she and Mackenzie haven’t always gotten along, she has secretly desired for their family.

The three of them together would be her ideal family unit because she is yearning to have one.

The actress emphasized: “Chloe is used to getting her own way – she was perhaps a bit spoilt when she was younger. She will battle for what she wants. She will fight more now that she is a mother.

Could this indicate that Charity may be in danger in subsequent sequences of the Yorkshire drama?

If Charity rekindles her relationship with Mack, will Chloe try to harm her or do worse?

Chloe has noticed a significant shift in Mackenzie, Jessie said as she thought back on Mack. She had always treated him with a great deal of contempt and coldness. She now perceives him as her father, which is a significant change.

When it comes to Mack, it appears that Chloe won’t let anything stand in her way.

When Charity initially questioned her about the relationship, she hardly offered an apology.

Charity’s life might be taken by Chloe in order to fulfill her wants because she doesn’t seem to have any loyalty to the character.


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