Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Emmerdale star Katherine Dow Blyton reflects on Harriet’s shock death


“I needed to unwind,”

After almost ten years of portraying Harriet Finch on the ITV soap opera, Emmerdale actor Katherine Dow Blyton has spoken out about leaving the programme.

The eventful run of Katherine’s character in the soap opera came to an end when she tragically died from injuries sustained when her quad bike overturned in a storm while she was looking for teen Amelia Spencer.

Months later, she has admitted that it took some time for her to recover from the event and that she is open to any job offers.

She told Inside Soap, “I got three months’ notice I was being killed.

She had time to plan as a result. “In a way, you leave before you physically leave; you say goodbye emotionally because you know it is coming,” she continued.

But at Emmerdale, I developed lifelong friends who I constantly check in with to see how they’re doing and if there’s any rumours.

She continued, “Several cast members have booked tickets to see the play I’m currently starring in, A Passionate Woman, at Leeds Playhouse,” confirming the tight relationships she has built.

She told up about life after the soap opera and getting to sleep in on a morning while claiming that it was the “longest” time she had spent working on any one project.

“After that, I needed to decompress a little,” she remarked. Every week, I’ve been commuting from London for almost ten years. Let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger.

“I needed a little time, not setting my alarm for 5.30 in the morning, to spend time with my dog Dexter and see my friends,” Katherine explained.

I thoroughly appreciated taking a break and simply reflecting on my future plans.

The actress has already had brief runs in two other soap operas in addition to Emmerdale. She portrayed Sally Hunter in Hollyoaks from 2001 to 2005 and made five appearances on Coronation Street, but she claims she is through with soap operas—at least for the time being.

She said, “I think that itch has been scratched.”

“In a way, I’m opening up my professional life to the cosmos, for better or worse. I believe all I need to do is let up on the throttle and try not to freak out.


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