Sunday, September 24, 2023

Emmerdale star Katie Hill shares new direction for career


She doesn’t plan to give up acting, though.

Star of Emmerdale Katie Hill expressed hopes for a new career path.

In an Instagram Stories Q&A, the actress—who portrays Sarah Sugden in the ITV soap—responded to a question from a fan asking if she thought she might pursue a singing career after leaving Emmerdale.

Hill responded by writing: “I’m currently working on making some music which I’m hoping to release some time in the future,” confirming that she could undoubtedly see a career in music in her future.

Fear not, though; Hills reassured fans that she would remain with Emmerdale and would continue to act in the soap opera as well as release music.

Just doing it in addition to working, she continued.

In the soap opera, Sarah, played by Hill, recently turned 18; this occasioned some conflict with Chloe Harris. Although we at Digital Spy don’t have her on our list of wildcards, some fans believe she may have pushed Caleb Milligan into the woods and left him there to perish.

Whoever it is, they appear to be in for a rude awakening as Caleb actor Will Ash has hinted that his character

seek retribution.

He has harbored resentment over being placed in foster care, his mother abandoning him, and his family abandoning him his entire life. His father didn’t want to interact with him at all, Ash said.

“Caleb is one of those individuals who harbors resentment for a very long time. Essentially, he’ll feel like someone has tried to kill him, so once he learns who it is, the gun will be loaded for them.

Caleb wouldn’t want to hurt an 18-year-old girl if it turned out to be Sarah who was in the woods. He would?


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