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Emmerdale star’s tribute to Paddy Kirk actor who went to ‘dark’ place for harrowing story


Exclusive: Mark Charnock of Emmerdale expressed nothing but appreciation for Dominic Brunt, who went above and beyond to accurately portray Paddy Kirk’s mental health storyline.

On the red carpet before the British drama Awards, Emmerdale actor Mark Charnock, who plays Marlon Dingle in the ITV drama, paid tribute to his late co-star Dominic Brunt.

Mark told that he respected Dominic’s commitment to Paddy’s traumatic depression tale. The duo are vying for Best On-Screen Partnership.

He said: “I believe he’s been wonderful; the show did a great job of telling a really difficult story.

He clearly had to go somewhere really dark to get that out because he really went into it, worked closely with the organisations, and witnessed it firsthand.

“I adore his performance, and I have always regarded him as terrific. He has just been amazing, in my opinion.

Aside from the serial opera, actor Dominic has been putting in work on horror flicks, and Mark applauded the star for managing so much.

He said, “I don’t know how he does it. “I think the space-time continuum has been somehow broken, like in Doctor Who or something,” the speaker speculated.

He remarked of how it feels to be nominated alongside his co-star: “We have been so close, and we have worked together for such a long time.

Really, we are in a lifelong marriage to each other, so it’s an honour to be recognised. It’s beautiful.

Dominic has previously spoken out about his heartbreaking tragedy, however he was unable to make it to the red carpet event.

After each day of filming, he admitted that he had to “shake off” Paddy’s despair.

He told the Mail Online that he had wonderful support and made sleep a priority so that Paddy’s sadness could be “shaken off almost immediately.”

Dominic said, “I couldn’t even let myself open a little door to the Black dogs that these people experience.”

The actor collaborated with the filmmakers, The Samaritans, and Andy’s Man Club to gently approach the plot.

In particular, he added, he wanted to help males who sometimes find it difficult to open up by “normalising talking” about mental health.


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