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Emmerdale viewers beg for return of fan favourite to cause chaos for Jimmy and Nicola


Many villagers have come and gone from Emmerdale over the years, but viewers are hoping that one will return.

Fans of Emmerdale are pleading with Adele Silva’s Kelly Windsor to make a comeback and stir up trouble in the community.

Big-Explanation-831 recently wrote on Reddit: “Since Elliot is on the show, does anyone else think Kelly should return? She has disagreements with so many people on the show.

Economy-Temporary611 was one of the first Reddit users to respond to the post, saying: “Yes, I also hope Scott would return too.”

Witty-Bus07 echoed the previous commenter, saying, “She should and isn’t Jimmy and Nicola looking after the son she had with Jimmy?”

Before she left the ITV soap opera in 2011, Kelly was at the center of a few significant storylines.

Being the half-sister of Donna Windsor (Verity Rush) and the deceased Vic (Alun Lewis) and Anne Windsor, Kelly has a complicated family history.

Vic, however, had a relationship with Viv Dawson (Deena Payne), and the two eventually got hitched.

Over the years, Kelly also experienced a number of tumultuous romantic relationships, including one with her own half-brother.

Additionally, she became pregnant through Biff Fowler (Stuart Wade), but she miscarried the child.

Kelly may be able to go back because she still has connections to the community.

The cafe is still run by her stepfather Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw), who later wed Viv, and Jimmy King (Nick Miles), with whom Kelly had an affair, is still a significant figure in the community.

Elliot (Luca Hoyle), a child she also shares with Jimmy, resides with his father and Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) at the moment.

Kelly had originally left the village with her son, but in 2016, he moved back to the Dales to live with his father and stepmother.

Additionally struggling lately, Jimmy and Nicola’s marriage hasn’t always been simple.

How would Jimmy react if Kelly returned? Jimmy was on edge when his nephew Tom King (James Chase) arrived in the village.

Could his relationship with Nicola survive if his ex suddenly appeared in the Dales?


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