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Emmerdale viewers puzzled as they ask the same question after Caleb’s lie exposed


After Caleb Milligan’s true identity was made public the previous evening, viewers of the ITV soap were left perplexed during the most recent episode of Emmerdale. The soap opera villain has chosen to stay in the village despite the fact that half the residents are indignant about the betrayal.

Emmerdale’s Caleb Milligan’s (Will Ash) lies were finally exposed after months of deceit and manipulation.

In an effort to reunite with his family, Caleb convinced his son Nicky (Lewis Cope) to wed Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) in order to attempt to steal Kim Tate’s (Claire King) money.

But when it all got to be too much, Nicky came clean and admitted to her that he was gay.

However, Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) also learned that his brother was the one who had ruined his business, so it wasn’t just Gabby who discovered the truth.

A significant showdown took place on Thursday night as a result of Kim, Gabby, and Cain now knowing everything. Emmerdale viewers were baffled to see Caleb had decided against running away on Friday’s episode.

It didn’t take long for viewers of the ITV soap opera to tweet their questions about why he had decided not to travel.

“Caleb in the pub now, ridiculous, Cain et al. will still be gunning for him,” snarled CaroleAnn1982.

Can anyone tell me, MaryLuvsLaughin asked on Twitter? Why is Caleb staying put right now?

“Ok, so is Caleb staying in the village orrrrr,” said Wlwhoney. [Sic]

“So is Caleb still thinking he’s going to get some money out of Kim before he leaves,” VampLover27 continued.

Tweeted Teenamassam, “Why’s Caleb hanging around, I thought he’d be long gone.”

According to CaroleAnn1982, “As if Caleb would still be hanging around.”

However, it appears that Caleb may not be around for very long as next week’s spoilers indicate that he will be forced off a Woodland ridge by an unknown individual.

It is unknown if he perishes from the enormous fall, but a double exit might be in the cards if an irate villager took matters into their own hands.

Actor Jeff Hordley was asked if he believed his character was capable of killing his brother before the intense scenes.

“I believe there is always potential for anything with Cain,” he retorted. Anything could happen if he is pushed in the wrong direction or if he loses control.


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